Sunday, October 7, 2012

So This Is What's It's Like

Seeing the world facing forward is a whole new experience for Allie today!  After many battles of forcing a screaming, back arching, kicking Allie into her backwards facing car seat...Todd and I now longer have to argue about whose turn it is to strap Allie in.  We turned her around today at 22 months old (only two months shy of the NEW APA recommendation for 2 years old).

Allie let us know that she could now "See Mama and Dada."  Now, on every car ride we take Allie likes to point out all the cars she recognizes..."Papa car" "Nana car" "Dada car" ...and the silly thing is...SHE'S RIGHT!  She can pick out every Impala (Papa's car) and CRV (Nana's car) on the road.  What a little smarty pants.

On the way to the doctor's to get a flu shot...Allie did very well.

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