Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

The Halloween season has been quite fun in the Hammerick house.  We've been trick-or-treating a few times this month.  Allie's dressed up in her costume for trick-or-treating, at day care, and at all the Halloween festivities we attended.  Allie dressed the part many days in October.  I found a half dozen Halloween shirts for Allie to wear in her "hand-me-down bin."  (We are soooo very lucky for all the hand me downs Allie receives)  She liked pointing to the pumpkin on her shirt everyday or telling me "MEOOWWW!" everytime she saw a Halloween cat.

The night before Halloween we carved our very first pumpkin as a family of three.  I dug out my old pumpkin carving knives from our Halloween decoration know, the ones that you couldn't cut yourself if you tried...let alone a pumpkin.  I did the gutting (Todd hates this part) and the carving (with a REAL knife).  Allie was prefectly happy using her "knife" to cut the part of the pumpkin that we carved out.

Here's a view of our front porch.  The first pumpkin is the one we carved...the other two are fake ones...shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Allie's new favorite snack is "M&M yogurt."  We were passing by the yogurt case in Meijer one day while grocery shopping and Allie spotted the M&M's on the side of the yogurt container.  I picked up a few for her because she was about to jump out of the shopping cart and grab them herself. 

The night before Halloween I put on Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin while she had her bedtime snack.  She was very content eating her Halloween snack and watching Charlie Brown.  She ate the WHOLE container.  The trick...I only put a couple of M&M's in at a time.  She always goes back for more.

Allie spent her Halloween day at day care with her friends.  She dressed up in her costume and had a Halloween party with lots of yummy treats.

Allie celebrating Halloween at Lynnie's

Allie's Halloween artwork she made at day care this year. 

The Ader's came over for Halloween dinner before trick-or-treating.  We had jack-o-lantern spaghetti (one of Allie's favorites) and mummy hot dogs (another favorite) for dinner.  Allie was happy to be eating with her good buddy, Austin.  Allie thought the best part of the meal was dessert though....OREO POPS!

Jack-o-lantern spaghetti and mummy hot dogs
Halloween Oreo Pops

Allie LOVED her Oreo pop!

At school this year I dressed up as a BEE.  Aren't we cute little bugs?

Thomas the Train and Ladybug Girl (aka: Austin and Allie) couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating.  One quick picture before we hit the road.  This years photo came out MUCH better than last year. 


Here we go!  Let's go get some CANDY!  All the adults were FREEZING but the kiddos seamed to not really notice the 30 degree temps.

"Come on, Allie!"

Allie had a blast trick-or-treating with Austin this year.  We probably made it to a little over a dozen houses.  Allie insisted on walking even though she was a bit slower than Austin.  She wanted to walk up all the steps and up to people's doors.  She only fell a couple of times and her candy usually spilled all over cement.  Allie got really excited when she got a tootsie roll or M&M's...her two favorite candies.

Tonight she ate a hefty amount of candy (for her)...gummy bears, tootsie rolls, skittles, M&M's, and I think even a Snickers.  She loved it ALL!

Check out all my Halloween goodies!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Packed up in the deepest, darkest corner of our basement lies a bin of clothing I used to wear when I was a baby/toddler.  After Allie was born I pulled it out, dusted it off, and dug through it.  Inside were lots of dresses (I was a very dressed up little one), some shirts and other odds and ends.  I hung these dresses up in Allie's closet so I would be sure to put her in them at the appropriate age.  Some of the dresses have no tags (these are the ones I can tell my mother had sewn for me) but most have no sizes.  Well, as Allie is growing and life is taking over, I'm kicking myself because she has already grown out of some and I didn't even get to put them on her. 

Here are some moments of Allie in my old clothes. 

Fun at the mall play area...that's my pink sweater.

Check out that fun shirt!  Does it look like it's straight out of the 70's?  I'm pretty sure my brother wore this shirt too.  Love the little dog on it though.

Here's Allie from last Easter.  She wore this navy gingham dress to visit the Easter bunny.  I LOVE this dress on her.  I'm sad I didn't have any other occasions to put her in it.

Here's Allie in another dress of mine.  Another gingham pattern...oh so sweet...

...and finally, here's the latest and greatest!  We attended a friends baby shower last week and I dug this dress out of her closet.  One of my FAVORITES!  I put it on her and it was a bit short, but I was determined to have her wear it.  Lucky for us Allie's friend Ainsley lives across the street and has a plethora of fun diaper covers with her initial on them.  What a coincident that Allie has the same initial!  Thanks Ainsley for letting us borrow one.  It worked out perfectly!  Does she look like a mini-me or what?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trick-or-Treat Trail

Yeah!  Another fall-October-Halloween-fun activity for Allie to participate in...and relatively inexpensive (only $8...and just for her, adults were free).  This was our first time going to the Trick-or-Treat Trail in Northville.  Nana and Papa came along for the fun since they live right there.  Allie dressed in her ladybug costume again...we are going to get a lot of use out of her costume this year. 

The Trick-or-Treat Trail was at Race Mills Village.  Allie insisted on walking on her own...and carring her bucket.  We went up to each of the houses and Allie put her goodies in her bucket.  She got candy, toys, balloons, and a bracelet. 

"Check out my spider ring, Dad!"


Allie really surprised me when we came to the bracelet making station.  I didn't have high expectations for her being able to make it by herself.  Boy, did she surprise me!  She picked up those beads with her tiny fingers and placed them on her pipe cleaner.  "I do by myself."

Nana holding the beads for Allie.

Some highlights from our evening...

I had to drag Allie away from the dance area.  She wouldn't dance, but really enjoyed listening and watching the dancers.  If I wouldn't have picked her up (kicking and yelling), we would have been there all night.

The thing that caught Allie's eye as I carried her away was the GIANT penguin by the Kona shaved ice truck.  She then proceeded to stand in front of him and STARE...and stare and stare.  He wasn't really doing anything except waving to trick-or-treaters. 

A free shaved ice came with admission to the trail.  Allie took one sip and was done.  She's not a big fan.
Strolling with the boys.

Another successful fun fall event that Allie had a memorable time at...well, she might not remember it well...but Todd and I will.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Zoo Boo

Allie's first Zoo Boo was so much fun!  She had a blast!  Luckily the weather was GREAT...a little chilly...but we were ALL bundled up.  Allie is a super cute (and warm) LADYBUG this year for Halloween. She was layered in leggings, pants, a long sleeve onesie, turtleneck, and winter coat...hat and mittens too.  We forgot the stroller at home, but it didn't matter because she INSISTED on walking the ENTIRE way through the zoo. 

Allie LOVED holding her bucket and collecting her goodies.  She said "tick-o-teet" whenever we came to a trick-or-treat station.  Todd and I tried to carry it for her, but she wanted to carry it by herself.

Walking through the hay maze.

We met up with Allie's friend Julia...and her mommy, Katie.  Allie and Julia are becoming pretty good friends at day care.  Allie named a doll at day care after Julia (baby Julia).  Allie and Julia walked through Zoo Boo and took a ride on the carousel together.  Allie had a much better experience on the carousel this time around.  Her last (first) ride on the carousel in downtown Boston didn't go so well.  This time she sat on her penguin and waved to Todd at every spin.

The zoo was decorated with cool animal pumpkins all throughout the trail.  Allie liked looking at them and telling us what they were.


Yeah, Allie!  You're such a big girl walking the whole way through Zoo Boo!  This Halloween sure is a bit different than last year.  You're going to be a pro at trick-or-treating when Halloween rolls around.

Zoo Boo 2012 Family Photo