Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our New Ride

My bike has been sitting in our garage with two flat tires collecting dust and cobwebs for the past FOUR years!  It was about time to get it out again for a ride or two around the neighborhood.  Now that my little friend is here, it's really hard to go on a bike ride without her.
I've been wanting a bike seat for a while now for Allie.  After a little research, this is what we FOUND!  I LOVE it and so does Allie!!!
She really does love going for rides...I just couldn't get a smile out of her.
This seat sits on the front of my bike so Allie gets a full view...not just of my backside.  It so cool and not at all awkward. 
Allie was so intrigued when I came home with her new seat.  She watched while I attached it to my bike (it only took me three tries to get it right) and blew up my tires.  She talked and talked about how we were going to go on a bike ride. 
Well, when it was time to get in and strap up, Allie threw a FIT!  She screamed and fought.  Oh no you don't!  Not after I spend money on this and took all this time putting it on!  I managed to put a kicking, yelling, crying Allie in the seat and get her buckled in.  After cruising down the driveway (cobwebs and all) we traveled about 50 feet away from our house and all of a sudden...SILENCE!  Allie was is awe....then, "WEEEEEE!!!" is what I heard from her.  Ever since then, she asks to go on bike rides every day. 
My only regret about our new bike seat is not getting it at the beginning of summer.  We've been on a bike ride almost everyday since our purchase.  It's GREAT exercise also...and I learned our neighborhood has a TON of hills.  I'm usually panting and out of breath. 
Allie and I will continue our bike riding until it gets too cold to do so.  She SHOULD be able to get one and I'm hoping even two more summers out of it.  

Surprisingly, Allie likes her Dora helmet...great Mom 2 Mom Sale find!

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