Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

Allie JUST got over an illness.  She was finally feeling better and we were getting back into our routine.  Then...a fever appeared at 1:00 am early Tuesday morning.  Before we knew it, Todd was cleaning the rugs in our bathroom.  I was covered in Allie vomit from my hair all the way down my arm.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  Another sleepless night with Allie sleeping in bed with me.  She was up every 30 minutes whining...probably because she was feeling a tad bit awful...I can't really blame her. 

Super grandma to the rescue (again).  Grandma stayed with a sick little Allie while Todd and I trudged to work, half awake hoping to make it through the day.  Lucky for me I had Wednesday off (Jewish holiday)...but it was NO holiday for me.  "Mama, hold ju," was what I hear most of the day.  My little Allie girl did not want to be put down.  The only thing that gave my poor aching back a break was a tasty batch of Rice Krispy Treats.  Allie loves making herself a tray of marshmallowy yumminess. 

The best part of making Rice Krispy Treats is licking the spoon!

By the end of the day her fever broke, but not soon enough for her to attend day care tomorrowrr (24 hour rule).  She'll be home again tomorrow with Grandma...then back to square one again on Friday at day care.  We are STILL working on having a pleasant "goodbye" in the morning.  Allie...I would LOVE to stay with most favorite girl all day...but, I just HAVE to go to work (sad face).

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