Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another First: Roseola

Back to school time is hectic, stressful, busy, and exhausting.  I go from absolutely no structure, fly by the seat of a complete 180.  I'm THROWN back into the swing of things...literally.  It probably didn't help that we took our cruise vacation the WEEK BEFORE school started either. 

The beginning of the school year is like a new kids, new schedule, new staff,  and this year new assessments, new math, new spelling, new writing, and new state wonder I feel like a new teacher and I'm TOTALLY overwhelmed!  I have to learn everything all over AGAIN!

Lately Allie has been having a difficult time going to sleep for naps and at bedtime.  Todd and I think it might be a little bit of separation anxiety.  She's been doing better lately, but I'm sure our vacation where we all slept in the same room didn't help in the least.  Allie's also been waking up in the middle of the night whining "Mama, Dada" until someone comes and gets her.  She'll say, "Mama bed" or "Mama rock" wanting to sleep in my bed or wanting me to rock her.  Don't get me wrong...I DO love napping with my Allie girl.  She's only this age once and I cherish my little moments with her.  But I know deep down I just might be creating a habit that could turn into a bad habit. 

The night before starting my "new job" as I call it, I was hoping to get lots of sleep and be well rested for my new wonderful bunch of 2nd graders. Allie had other plans, however.  She was up from about midnight until 3 am...leaving me with about only three hours of sleep.  Really, Allie?  The night before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?!?!?  I was soooo exhausted!  I was a walking zombie all day.

Back to school means back to day care for Allie.  She loves Lynnie and Debbie and had a great first two days there.  However, on her third day she cried when I handed her over...and cried some more.  I left with that quilt all working moms get.  She cried for a really long time after I left too (tear).  The following week I hoped would be better, but we didn't have a chance to really find out.  It's inevitable that with day care come germs...and illness.  Allie came down with a fever about mid-week. 

Finding it just about impossible to take off from work during the second week of school, Nana (aka: Todd's mom) was once again our saviour.  She spent two days home with a sick little Allie.  We are already abusing her.  After a visit to the doctor she was treated for an ear infection because one ear looked red. By the weekend, a little rash appeared all over her face, belly and back...ROSEOLA...another first. ear infection though!

When I came home on Friday after a LONG, tiring week with students and an under-the-weather Allie, I was greeted by my little friend sporting some ADORABLE piggies (pigtails) and feeling MUCH better. 

I'm hoping for more restful nights and a healthy Allie in my near future...otherwise, it's going to be a LONG school year.

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