Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

It's fall and I LOVE this time of year...except for that it's the beginning of the school year and I'm crazy busy at work.  Not too busy to take a little time out this weekend and visit one of my favorite places...the Cider Mill (and I'm not particular, any cider mill will do).
Today was Papa Ray's birthday and we celebrate with a birthday breakfast and a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin for the fall season.  Allie was overly excited about the cider mill.  "Apple Cideee!!!" was what we heard all the way there. 
I was looking forward to apple picking this year, but I'll guess we'll have to wait another year to make those memories.  Early frost = NO APPLES to pick!  Good thing the pumpkins survived.  Allie climbed up on the tractor next to Papa for a short ride out to the patch.  When we arrived, Allie enjoyed running through the patch and touching all the pumpkins in her path.

Just a few photo ops...that's our little PUMPKIN!

What a funny looking pumpkin!

Papa and Daddy picked out a good one.  It's the perfect size for carving this Halloween...and it wasn't too heavy.

Happy Birthday, Papa!

The cider mills now-a-days are like a mini carnival...haunted houses, bounce houses, 3D movies...Allie had fun jumping on the hay bails in the hay maze and riding the tricycles.

But her favorite thing about the cider mill today was her long awaited, well deserved apple cider in her very own pumpkin sipper.  Thanks, Papa!  She loves it and will be drinking apple cider out of it until well after long as we can afford to buy her cider at $12.50 a gallon!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 Year Old Photo Shoot

Allie isn't quite two yet...but we have to prepare for her big extravegant 2nd we needed to have Allie's photo's taken a little before the big day.

Allie did an AWESOME job having her picture taken this go around. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER! She sat so nicely and even smiled on cue. Go, ALLIE! A few bribes with M&M's can go a long way!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

Allie JUST got over an illness.  She was finally feeling better and we were getting back into our routine.  Then...a fever appeared at 1:00 am early Tuesday morning.  Before we knew it, Todd was cleaning the rugs in our bathroom.  I was covered in Allie vomit from my hair all the way down my arm.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  Another sleepless night with Allie sleeping in bed with me.  She was up every 30 minutes whining...probably because she was feeling a tad bit awful...I can't really blame her. 

Super grandma to the rescue (again).  Grandma stayed with a sick little Allie while Todd and I trudged to work, half awake hoping to make it through the day.  Lucky for me I had Wednesday off (Jewish holiday)...but it was NO holiday for me.  "Mama, hold ju," was what I hear most of the day.  My little Allie girl did not want to be put down.  The only thing that gave my poor aching back a break was a tasty batch of Rice Krispy Treats.  Allie loves making herself a tray of marshmallowy yumminess. 

The best part of making Rice Krispy Treats is licking the spoon!

By the end of the day her fever broke, but not soon enough for her to attend day care tomorrowrr (24 hour rule).  She'll be home again tomorrow with Grandma...then back to square one again on Friday at day care.  We are STILL working on having a pleasant "goodbye" in the morning.  Allie...I would LOVE to stay with most favorite girl all day...but, I just HAVE to go to work (sad face).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our New Ride

My bike has been sitting in our garage with two flat tires collecting dust and cobwebs for the past FOUR years!  It was about time to get it out again for a ride or two around the neighborhood.  Now that my little friend is here, it's really hard to go on a bike ride without her.
I've been wanting a bike seat for a while now for Allie.  After a little research, this is what we FOUND!  I LOVE it and so does Allie!!!
She really does love going for rides...I just couldn't get a smile out of her.
This seat sits on the front of my bike so Allie gets a full view...not just of my backside.  It so cool and not at all awkward. 
Allie was so intrigued when I came home with her new seat.  She watched while I attached it to my bike (it only took me three tries to get it right) and blew up my tires.  She talked and talked about how we were going to go on a bike ride. 
Well, when it was time to get in and strap up, Allie threw a FIT!  She screamed and fought.  Oh no you don't!  Not after I spend money on this and took all this time putting it on!  I managed to put a kicking, yelling, crying Allie in the seat and get her buckled in.  After cruising down the driveway (cobwebs and all) we traveled about 50 feet away from our house and all of a sudden...SILENCE!  Allie was is awe....then, "WEEEEEE!!!" is what I heard from her.  Ever since then, she asks to go on bike rides every day. 
My only regret about our new bike seat is not getting it at the beginning of summer.  We've been on a bike ride almost everyday since our purchase.  It's GREAT exercise also...and I learned our neighborhood has a TON of hills.  I'm usually panting and out of breath. 
Allie and I will continue our bike riding until it gets too cold to do so.  She SHOULD be able to get one and I'm hoping even two more summers out of it.  

Surprisingly, Allie likes her Dora helmet...great Mom 2 Mom Sale find!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another First: Roseola

Back to school time is hectic, stressful, busy, and exhausting.  I go from absolutely no structure, fly by the seat of a complete 180.  I'm THROWN back into the swing of things...literally.  It probably didn't help that we took our cruise vacation the WEEK BEFORE school started either. 

The beginning of the school year is like a new kids, new schedule, new staff,  and this year new assessments, new math, new spelling, new writing, and new state wonder I feel like a new teacher and I'm TOTALLY overwhelmed!  I have to learn everything all over AGAIN!

Lately Allie has been having a difficult time going to sleep for naps and at bedtime.  Todd and I think it might be a little bit of separation anxiety.  She's been doing better lately, but I'm sure our vacation where we all slept in the same room didn't help in the least.  Allie's also been waking up in the middle of the night whining "Mama, Dada" until someone comes and gets her.  She'll say, "Mama bed" or "Mama rock" wanting to sleep in my bed or wanting me to rock her.  Don't get me wrong...I DO love napping with my Allie girl.  She's only this age once and I cherish my little moments with her.  But I know deep down I just might be creating a habit that could turn into a bad habit. 

The night before starting my "new job" as I call it, I was hoping to get lots of sleep and be well rested for my new wonderful bunch of 2nd graders. Allie had other plans, however.  She was up from about midnight until 3 am...leaving me with about only three hours of sleep.  Really, Allie?  The night before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?!?!?  I was soooo exhausted!  I was a walking zombie all day.

Back to school means back to day care for Allie.  She loves Lynnie and Debbie and had a great first two days there.  However, on her third day she cried when I handed her over...and cried some more.  I left with that quilt all working moms get.  She cried for a really long time after I left too (tear).  The following week I hoped would be better, but we didn't have a chance to really find out.  It's inevitable that with day care come germs...and illness.  Allie came down with a fever about mid-week. 

Finding it just about impossible to take off from work during the second week of school, Nana (aka: Todd's mom) was once again our saviour.  She spent two days home with a sick little Allie.  We are already abusing her.  After a visit to the doctor she was treated for an ear infection because one ear looked red. By the weekend, a little rash appeared all over her face, belly and back...ROSEOLA...another first. ear infection though!

When I came home on Friday after a LONG, tiring week with students and an under-the-weather Allie, I was greeted by my little friend sporting some ADORABLE piggies (pigtails) and feeling MUCH better. 

I'm hoping for more restful nights and a healthy Allie in my near future...otherwise, it's going to be a LONG school year.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

21 Months Old

Allie started to have a hard time going to sleep for her naps and at bedtime.  She wanted Todd or I to stay with her and she wouldn't go to bed by herself anymore.  Todd or I often had to sit outside of Allie's room while she feel asleep.  "Mama, outside?" Allie would ask jut to make sure someone was there.  Allie continued to speak more clearly and say longer phrases and sentences.  Most often Allie said,  "I do myself." She became very independent and wanted to do EVERYTHING by herself...such as eat, water the plants, walk up and down the stairs, and dress herself.  She would get mad or frustrated when Todd or I tried to help her do anything.  Allie was able to walk up and down the stairs very well while using the wall or spindles to hold herself up.  Allie went on a road trip to see family this month and on her first cruise to Bermuda.  She had a GREAT time on the ship and enjoyed eating ice cream and "mash potatees."  She spent her mornings either at the pool on the ship or on the beach in Bermuda.  Allie got a pretty good tan from being outside in the sun all week long.