Sunday, August 19, 2012


Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe invited us all out to stay with them for the weekend at their new place in Jamestown, PA.  It was a good four hours in the car...Allie's longest car ride yet. She did pretty well for the drive...eating, sleeping, playing and watching a few Elmo videos.

While there we went to the Pymatuning Deer Park.  The park has a TON of animals that you can feed special animal food (that you purchase for a small price).  Allie was a little apprehensive at first and told Daddy and Mommy to "do it" instead of her.  After a while, she warmed up a little and put on her brave pants.  She was happy to hand over or a cracker or nugget any open mouth she passed by.

This mini-horse kept following Allie around.  She didn't appreciate it much.

Oink!  Feeding the piggies.

"Here you go llama."

Allie liked this mini-horse.  She was happy to give him a little snack.


Allie liked the train ride around the park..and the tunnel.

Finally getting the courage to feed the deer.
"Here you go, deer."

Thanks Nana and Auntie for coming with us.

My favorite part about the weekend was the campfire!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE s'mores!  Allie had her first s'more this weekend.  I'm pretty sure she liked the gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate.  I think there will be many more s'mores in our future. GOOD!

One evening we went out to the lake to feed the fish and ducks.  Allie liked tossing bread out into the water for the "duts" and "fishies."  Everyone got in on the fun.

Patches had a GREAT time while we fed the fish...she gobbled up any little bread crumb that fell on the ground.  Allie LOVES Patches (aka: Patchee) and spent the entire weekend following her around to pet her.  Patches didn't have quite the same love for Allie.

Nana and Auntie

Lots of fish!

Allie loved Jenna (Auntie and Uncle Joe's great-grandniece) just about as much as Patches.
Thanks, Jenna, for playing and hanging out with Allie. 

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