Friday, August 31, 2012

Beautiful Bermuda

Our time in Bermuda was SPECTACULAR!  The weather was PERFECT (but a little HOT!), the water was clear, and the sand was nothing I've ever experienced before.  When they say "pink sandy beach"...they really mean PINK and SANDY (not rocky or grainy).
We were in Bermuda for a total of 2.5 days.  We arrived around 8:00 am on Sunday and sailed off on Tuesday around 5:00 pm.  It was nice that the ship stayed there overnight and we didn't have a deadline as to when we had to be back on board each day we were there.

Beautiful Bermuda!

Our ship docked in Bermuda.
Our first day in Bermuda we headed by bus to Horseshoe Bay...Bermuda's most popular, well-known beach.  The sand was soft...unlike any beach in MI, FL, SC or any other beach we've visited in the past.  We set up our blanket and umbrella in a neat little cove and camped out for a few hours.  Allie enjoyed playing in the crystal clear salty water and the pink sand with her beach toys we brought along.  I enjoyed sipping my Rum Swizzle...Bermuda's native drink.  When we asked Allie what her favorite part of the beach was she replied with, "Bus!"

Day 2 in Bermuda we took a water taxi to the city of Hamilton.  Hamilton is known for shopping...although we didn't really buy too ornament for our Christmas tree (I buy an ornament for every vacation we go on) and Allie's big purchase was a Bermuda sticker book.  Allie did have fun browsing through all the clothing at various stores we perused through.

We roamed around for a while and then found a park which we let Allie out of the stroller to run around a little bit. 
Some shopping fun in Hamilton.

Checking out the Bermuda merchandise.

Admiring the view.

Allie admiring her big purchase while riding on the water taxi!

Our last day in Bermuda we stayed close to the ship.  Snorkel Park was within walking distance so we set up camp at a nice spot on the beach.  There was a slide for Allie to play on and shallow water for her to splash in.  She also liked just relaxing on the lounge chair under the umbrella.  There was a bar and a dance floor and Allie liked to dance to the music...even on the beach.  What a nice way to spend our last few hours in Bermuda.

Bermuda was Allie's first trip out of the county and it's one vacation that I'll hold dear to my heart.  It was a perfect place for her to visit...the beach is right up her alley.  It looks like they'll be many more beach vacations in our future...hopefully. 


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