Saturday, September 1, 2012

21 Months Old

Allie started to have a hard time going to sleep for her naps and at bedtime.  She wanted Todd or I to stay with her and she wouldn't go to bed by herself anymore.  Todd or I often had to sit outside of Allie's room while she feel asleep.  "Mama, outside?" Allie would ask jut to make sure someone was there.  Allie continued to speak more clearly and say longer phrases and sentences.  Most often Allie said,  "I do myself." She became very independent and wanted to do EVERYTHING by herself...such as eat, water the plants, walk up and down the stairs, and dress herself.  She would get mad or frustrated when Todd or I tried to help her do anything.  Allie was able to walk up and down the stairs very well while using the wall or spindles to hold herself up.  Allie went on a road trip to see family this month and on her first cruise to Bermuda.  She had a GREAT time on the ship and enjoyed eating ice cream and "mash potatees."  She spent her mornings either at the pool on the ship or on the beach in Bermuda.  Allie got a pretty good tan from being outside in the sun all week long.

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