Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Little Goldfish

Well...we FINALLY gave in and signed Allie up for swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.  We were trying to find another place to go that was a bit cheaper, but when I heard HEATED pool...I called them up and willingly read off my credit card number.  After attending only one lesson, I'm VERY happy with our experience thus far.  I had to go in with Allie, but at this age that's pretty much a given.  As I was packing our swim bag, I dug out from my bathing suit drawer the only one-piece suit I life-guard red Fruit Camp Speedo from eons ago.  I had forgotten how TIGHT those Speedo suits are, lol.  Now, everyone in our class will know that I'm a qualified aquatic observer.

Goldfish is the CUTEST place EVER!  They specialize in infant and toddler swimming and water safety.  There were many water toys to play/practice with and our instructor, Mr. Mike, was fabulous.  Allie was a little reluctant to warm up to him...partly because she was clinging on to me with the death grip.  Allie spent about half of the class whining whenever I made her practice a skill where she wasn't hanging onto me.  This was her first time being in this big of a pool.  I have to say that she did an okay job and I'm SURE that after a few more lessons she'll be a jumping into the pool before I can get my flip flops off.

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