Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dada!

We sure did keep busy on Todd's birthday while he was at work.  Breakfast first to start our'll notice the watermelon stain all over Allie's shirt.  I figured we were going to get pretty messy we just left it.

Allie loves watermelon!

Next, we made Todd's favorite dessert...Rice Krispy Treats.  Allie enjoyed licking the spoon.  This was the other half of her breakfast.  "Kiss-py," she calls them.  We blinged out his Krispy's birthday style.  Allie helped decorate.

We did some painting with toddler safe, homemade paint (recipe I found on Pinterest).  We painted OUTSIDE, just in case there was a mess...and there was all over the cement.  Allie did a fabulous job...she liked painting.  Her poster turned out perfect for her dad's birthday.

All clean and ready to go out to dinner...thanks Papa for taking us all out!

Allie's birthday poster for Dada!

Just enough time for a little truck riding and horn blowing with Papa before bed. 

Happy Birthday, Dada!

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