Thursday, July 12, 2012

Early Riser

For about the past two months, Allie has been up before the birds have.  Six o'clock am is about the time I hear little whimpers and whines coming from her room...sometimes even before six...UHHH!  I'm desperate to sleep in during my summer vacation (I'm talking like until SEVEN...that would make me a happy lady).  I tried playing around with her bedtime.  Earlier...later...neither worked unfortunately.  Sooooo, I thought of a couple ideas to help Allie stay asleep longer, or just stay in her crib quietly and let her momma get a few extra minutes of shut eye.

I hoped that if Allie had some books or toys in her crib to play with in the morning it would keep her occupied for a bit until I crawled out of bed to get her.  However, I didn't want her to be rolling around all over her hard board books all night long.  So I came up with this...

I think it's soooooo cute and I'm pretty proud of myself for making it!!!  I used the leftover fabric I had from all the other decorating I did in her nursery.  I only had to buy the interfacing and ribbon.  Total cost = about $7.00!!!  It holds some books and toys...and when Allie is older, I'm sure this can grow with day she'll be hiding her journal or other prized possessions in there.  The ONLY way I was able to get this thing done though is because Allie's grandma came over to keep Allie occupied while I worked.  Thanks, Mom!!!

My other bright idea was to buy this awesome, amazing, wonderful, why didn't I think of this, CLOCK! 

This is the TOT CLOCK...a clock designed for toddlers and kids to help them stay asleep longer (or in bed longer) and let their parents sleep longer too!  It turns blue when it's time to sleep and yellow when it's time to get up and out of bed.  Allie is learning the colors yellow and blue and knows that when it turns blue, she goes to bed and has to stay in bed.  Todd and I set the clock to turn yellow at 6:30 am (we'll work on stretching it to 7:00 soon).  For the past two days Allie has slept past 6:30 (go figure) so her clock has always been yellow when she wakes up.  Hopefully this is a good sign and she'll continue to sleep long after 6:00.  She is so cute when we put her to bed.  She says "Boo" telling us it's time for bed.  In the morning when she calls (cries) for me, the first thing she says is "ock" letting me know that it's yellow and she is allowed to get out of bed.  What a GREAT invention...why didn't I think of that?!?!

Even though Allie is sleeping longer...I still am not!  Todd wakes up a little before 6:00 to get ready for work...he's pretty quiet but, once I hear him...I'm awake the for day.  It must be those new mommy bionic ears I now have.  Good thing Allie takes a nap during the day because when Allie naps, I nap too!

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