Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bye, Bye Binky...Binky Bye, Bye

Words cannot express how incredibly proud (and shocked at the same time) I am of Allie.  After prepping her for the last two weeks that TODAY we were going to say bye, bye to her binky, she did AMAZING!!!  These last two weeks, we watched Elmo videos together about Elmo saying bye to his binky. We made a calendar and counted down the days until Put Down the Pacifier Day. I took Allie to the Binky Tree to see what it was all about and show her what she would be doing in the near future.

Yesterday, she went to bed for nap and nighttime without Binky and didn't cry at all.  She shed NO tears today when she hung up Binky in the tree.  She WILLING said "Bye, bye!"  She's our BIG GIRL now!  We were PLEASANTLY surprised!

Family photo at the Binky Tree 2012

Allie said one last goodbye to her binky.  It was a good ride binky....but Allie's not a baby anymore.  Thanks for doing your job so well and comforting Allie when she needed you night, after immunizations, on the MANY flights to and from Boston.  Binky...your job here is done.

Allie hung up her binky...

...and said "Bye, bye" (and waved too).

Allie's binky hanging in the Binky Tree.

Now a little time for some big girl fun at the park.  Then, off to lunch for Allie's Bye, Bye Binky Celebration.

Todd and I got Allie an Elmo (or as Allie calls him..."ELMEEE") themed gift.  She has been OBSESSED with Elmo lately.  Probably because we have been allowing her to watch clips of Elmo videos about saying bye to your binky.  She loves to see Elmo on the computer.  Needless to say, she really liked her gift.

Inside Allie's Elmo gift was two Elmo big girl bibs, Elmo juice boxes, an Elmo cell phone (this makes cell phone number five or six that Allie owns...we lost count now), some Elmo books, and an Elmo pad of paper to draw in.

Back at home while Allie napped (successfully without her binky...and no TEARS!!!!), the Binky Fairy left a little something special for Allie girl right next to her crib. 

Look what the Binky Fairy left!

The Binky Fairy left Allie a new tooth brush and tooth paste ( for Allie), a special toddler pillow with Allie's name on it for her crib, and a tooth fairy pillow to put her non-damaged teeth from the pacifier in when she starts losing them....many years from now.   The Binky Fairy and the Tooth Fairy are friends.

Letter to Allie from the Binky Fairy

Mommy and Daddy's BIG GIRL!!!  We are so proud of you!

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