Sunday, July 1, 2012

19 Months Old

I can't believe how big Allie is getting...she is learning so many new things each and every day.  Some of Allie's favorite foods this month were chicken nuggets, peas, and potato chips.  She learned how to dip her food in ranch dressing, ketchup and chip dip.  Allie learned how to say so many new words.  Any word we taught her, she repeated and spoke later on.  She was like a little sponge.  Allie had croup for the first time this month and didn't eat or drink for a good four days.  She was very cranky and miserable.  Allie liked to ride her tricycle and ride-on toys down the driveway. Allie started to LOVE Elmo.  She read books about him and even watched a video here and there.  Allie liked to push her "Dolly" in her toy stroller all around the house and outside.  Dolly often went where Allie went.

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