Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Boo-Boo and Boston Bedroom

This weekend Todd and I finally painted our guest bedroom.  After living in our house for 6+ years, we are just not getting around to painting one of the last bedrooms (only one more to go...and I'm secretly hoping that room will be reserved for baby #2 one day). 

Painting with Allie around was a BIG challenge.  I taped while Todd occupied Allie...then Todd painted while I occupied Allie.  She wanted to be a part of EVERYTHING!  Touching the paint.  Climbing the ladder.  At one point I locked her and I in her bedroom just to keep her away from Todd and all the paint. 

Our morning was moving along fine until Allie walked upstairs to see what Todd was up to.  Todd came around the corner.  Allie saw him and thought he was chasing her (fun and games).  She turned around to run, thought she was on the ground when in fact she was one step up.  She missed the step...fell...and her head went crashing into the banister...right into the CORNER of the pole...which caused a HUGE BLUE WELT in the middle of her forehead.  I'm not kidding..HUUUUUUGGGEEE!  Allie screamed.  Todd ran.  I gasped. 

We tried the best we could to put ice on Allie's boo-boo.  She was miserable and hated every minute of it.  Screamed, and screamed...and screamed.  The ice helped a lot with the swelling, but there was still a mark.  The only thing that cheered Allie up was a little bit of Elmo watching on Mom's computer, while drinking her milk, and snuggling with her blanky.  POOR THING!

Overall the rest of the painting session went fine.  No other catastrophes...except for Todd and I getting a little snippy at each other...that was to be expected, lol.  Our guest bedroom came out GREAT!!!  I'm sooooo happy with how it turned out.  To keep a little bit of Boston near and dear to us...we hung up some memorable photos from Beantown.  Boston will always be part of our fondest memories of Allie's baby years.  There were many firsts that happened while we where there and we want to always remember our time as a family in the city on the hill.  The Hammerick Hotel is now open for business and taking reservations.  Allie would like to add that dogs and kids are welcome at any time.

It's hard to see, but the photo on the bedside table is of Allie sitting on one of the duck at the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue. 

I had these photos printed on large paper and wrapped them on canvas that I already had (some old paintings I didn't like anymore).  I love how they come out!  So cute and so cheap!

More photos of downtown Boston.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dada!

We sure did keep busy on Todd's birthday while he was at work.  Breakfast first to start our'll notice the watermelon stain all over Allie's shirt.  I figured we were going to get pretty messy we just left it.

Allie loves watermelon!

Next, we made Todd's favorite dessert...Rice Krispy Treats.  Allie enjoyed licking the spoon.  This was the other half of her breakfast.  "Kiss-py," she calls them.  We blinged out his Krispy's birthday style.  Allie helped decorate.

We did some painting with toddler safe, homemade paint (recipe I found on Pinterest).  We painted OUTSIDE, just in case there was a mess...and there was all over the cement.  Allie did a fabulous job...she liked painting.  Her poster turned out perfect for her dad's birthday.

All clean and ready to go out to dinner...thanks Papa for taking us all out!

Allie's birthday poster for Dada!

Just enough time for a little truck riding and horn blowing with Papa before bed. 

Happy Birthday, Dada!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bye, Bye Binky...Binky Bye, Bye

Words cannot express how incredibly proud (and shocked at the same time) I am of Allie.  After prepping her for the last two weeks that TODAY we were going to say bye, bye to her binky, she did AMAZING!!!  These last two weeks, we watched Elmo videos together about Elmo saying bye to his binky. We made a calendar and counted down the days until Put Down the Pacifier Day. I took Allie to the Binky Tree to see what it was all about and show her what she would be doing in the near future.

Yesterday, she went to bed for nap and nighttime without Binky and didn't cry at all.  She shed NO tears today when she hung up Binky in the tree.  She WILLING said "Bye, bye!"  She's our BIG GIRL now!  We were PLEASANTLY surprised!

Family photo at the Binky Tree 2012

Allie said one last goodbye to her binky.  It was a good ride binky....but Allie's not a baby anymore.  Thanks for doing your job so well and comforting Allie when she needed you night, after immunizations, on the MANY flights to and from Boston.  Binky...your job here is done.

Allie hung up her binky...

...and said "Bye, bye" (and waved too).

Allie's binky hanging in the Binky Tree.

Now a little time for some big girl fun at the park.  Then, off to lunch for Allie's Bye, Bye Binky Celebration.

Todd and I got Allie an Elmo (or as Allie calls him..."ELMEEE") themed gift.  She has been OBSESSED with Elmo lately.  Probably because we have been allowing her to watch clips of Elmo videos about saying bye to your binky.  She loves to see Elmo on the computer.  Needless to say, she really liked her gift.

Inside Allie's Elmo gift was two Elmo big girl bibs, Elmo juice boxes, an Elmo cell phone (this makes cell phone number five or six that Allie owns...we lost count now), some Elmo books, and an Elmo pad of paper to draw in.

Back at home while Allie napped (successfully without her binky...and no TEARS!!!!), the Binky Fairy left a little something special for Allie girl right next to her crib. 

Look what the Binky Fairy left!

The Binky Fairy left Allie a new tooth brush and tooth paste ( for Allie), a special toddler pillow with Allie's name on it for her crib, and a tooth fairy pillow to put her non-damaged teeth from the pacifier in when she starts losing them....many years from now.   The Binky Fairy and the Tooth Fairy are friends.

Letter to Allie from the Binky Fairy

Mommy and Daddy's BIG GIRL!!!  We are so proud of you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Future Olympian

Allie's first gymnastics lesson was a HUGE success!  I think we have a future Olympian on our hands here.  Todd and I were so surprised to see how well she followed directions from Coach Jamie.  Allie walked on the beam, jumped into the foam pit and swung on the bars.  Coach Jamie told Allie to pick out a beanie baby to use on some of the circuits.  Allie LOVED the "dog-dog"...of course!

Because we are in the summer months, there are not too many kids signed up to attend the class right now.  Lucky for us we were the only ones to show up this week.  One-on-one coaching...AWESOME!!!  We'll be ready for the Olympics in no time at all.

Concentrating hard on the beam

In the foam pit

Allie loved the dog beanie!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Early Riser

For about the past two months, Allie has been up before the birds have.  Six o'clock am is about the time I hear little whimpers and whines coming from her room...sometimes even before six...UHHH!  I'm desperate to sleep in during my summer vacation (I'm talking like until SEVEN...that would make me a happy lady).  I tried playing around with her bedtime.  Earlier...later...neither worked unfortunately.  Sooooo, I thought of a couple ideas to help Allie stay asleep longer, or just stay in her crib quietly and let her momma get a few extra minutes of shut eye.

I hoped that if Allie had some books or toys in her crib to play with in the morning it would keep her occupied for a bit until I crawled out of bed to get her.  However, I didn't want her to be rolling around all over her hard board books all night long.  So I came up with this...

I think it's soooooo cute and I'm pretty proud of myself for making it!!!  I used the leftover fabric I had from all the other decorating I did in her nursery.  I only had to buy the interfacing and ribbon.  Total cost = about $7.00!!!  It holds some books and toys...and when Allie is older, I'm sure this can grow with day she'll be hiding her journal or other prized possessions in there.  The ONLY way I was able to get this thing done though is because Allie's grandma came over to keep Allie occupied while I worked.  Thanks, Mom!!!

My other bright idea was to buy this awesome, amazing, wonderful, why didn't I think of this, CLOCK! 

This is the TOT CLOCK...a clock designed for toddlers and kids to help them stay asleep longer (or in bed longer) and let their parents sleep longer too!  It turns blue when it's time to sleep and yellow when it's time to get up and out of bed.  Allie is learning the colors yellow and blue and knows that when it turns blue, she goes to bed and has to stay in bed.  Todd and I set the clock to turn yellow at 6:30 am (we'll work on stretching it to 7:00 soon).  For the past two days Allie has slept past 6:30 (go figure) so her clock has always been yellow when she wakes up.  Hopefully this is a good sign and she'll continue to sleep long after 6:00.  She is so cute when we put her to bed.  She says "Boo" telling us it's time for bed.  In the morning when she calls (cries) for me, the first thing she says is "ock" letting me know that it's yellow and she is allowed to get out of bed.  What a GREAT invention...why didn't I think of that?!?!

Even though Allie is sleeping longer...I still am not!  Todd wakes up a little before 6:00 to get ready for work...he's pretty quiet but, once I hear him...I'm awake the for day.  It must be those new mommy bionic ears I now have.  Good thing Allie takes a nap during the day because when Allie naps, I nap too!

Tiny Town

A new fun place for us to visit!  Tiny Town opened recently and it's SUPER CUTE!  It's an indoor play area for little ones with lots to do and experience.  There's even a bubble tree...who doesn't LOVE BUBBLES?!?!?

Allie met her friends for some fun.  This was her first time jumping on a trampoline....she was hysterical!  Allie kept jumping up and landing on her bottom...over and over again!  We can't wait to go back soon...especially on a cold wintry day when we are tired of being cooped up in the house.

Tiny Town is SOOOO cute!

Allie, Julia, Brady, and Brennan

Fun on the trampoline!