Friday, June 1, 2012

A Year and a Half

Allie dropped her morning nap this month and only took one nap a day.  It took a week or so to make the adjustment, but Allie is loving her long mornings of playtime.  Allie's favorite words to say were "dog" and "bird."  Usually while on a walk with Grandma or I, Allie would point out the dogs that were being walked by their owners or the birds flying by.  She like to wave to the birds and dogs too.  When reading books Allie would point to the pictures of the dogs and say "dog-dog" too.  Allie also said "more please" often.  Whenever she liked could be a certain food, or being tickled by her dad...Allie would clap her little hands together for the sign more and say "mo pees."  Allie started to brush her own teeth instead of me doing it for her.  She does a pretty nice job at it. 

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