Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Ride

Bright and early this pulled up at our house...

...which contained every little thing we owned and had taken to or bought in Boston.  They unloaded everything into our house and unpacked it for us.  Now, that might sound great...but by "unpacking" I mean they took everything out of the boxes and placed it and  on the floor, counters, etc.  There was stuff EVERYWHERE!!!  These photos were only of the upstairs.  We had piles all over downstairs and in our basement too.

Clothes to be hung up in our closets.

Bathroom things to be put away.

Lots more things that need a place.

It was great that they took everything out of the boxes and hauled the boxes away...but we still had the enormous and time consuming task of putting everything were it belonged.  We had double of most things so some things were donated. I was pouring Cheerios from that opened box to the box we already had opened here.  Our pantry has a TON of food in it already and now we were trying to squeeze in more.  Pretty much every closet had to be reorganized.  It felt like there were just piles that I was moving from one place to the next.  This pile needed to go to the basement, that pile needed to go to our bathroom.  What a nightmare!  And all Allie wanted to do was go OUTSIDE and push her baby stroller up the ramp of the her pajamas.

It took us about three good days to get everything in its place and organized.  I still have some pictures I painted that hung above our couch that I would like to now go above our bed to hang up.  But...I think we are finally all settled and are ready to live the rest of our lives OUR house.  I'm so happy to have all of our stuff in one place.  No more "Is my purple shirt out there that I want to wear today?" or "Did I leave my jeans there because I can't find them?"  It might not sound so bad...but it WAS!

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