Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome Home

At approximately 2:00 am this morning, I awoke as Todd crawled into bed...our our in Michigan.  The movers came to pack up our apartment in Boston sometime the morning before and Todd left shortly after.  After driving for 12.5 hours...he finally pulled his car into our garage.  It's been over two years since that car has driven into our garage. 

I was up this morning around 6:00ish taking care of our Allie girl (whom is still feeling under the weather).  Her cough is getting better, but she is still Little Miss Cranky Pants.  I stayed home from work yesterday...only to get a call in the morning that school was canceled!  Lucky for me I didn't have to use a sick day...perfect timing for the power to go out in West Bloomfield.  I'm sure all my teacher friends were enjoying their impromptu day off.  However, I had a sniffy, coughing, cranky gal attached to me all day.  I WAS going to attempt to clean the house a bit.  Unfortunately, that did not happen in the least.  The only productive thing that I got accomplished was to cut up a watermelon that had been sitting on my kitchen counter for about a week.  Allie picked a watermelon rind out of the garbage while I was cutting and started eating the little bit of edible part that was left on it.  I was so happy that she was FINALLY eating something...I didn't care in the least that watermelon juice was dripping all over the floor (our house really needed a cleaning anyways), or that she tossed it to the floor when she was done.

Todd made it home just in time.  Grandma came over to babysit for the day because we really didn't know when Todd was going to make it home.  Grandma has been a HUGE help this week.  She's been the other person Allie has clung to all week.  If I wasn't home, Grandma was the go-to person for Allie to be attached to all day.  We are so lucky to have her.  Todd got his daily dose of her crabbiness today, although she was MUCH better and didn't need to be held all day.  She even ate a doughnut that I brought home from school that one of my students gave me in celebration of her birthday (thanks, Samantha...that was about the only thing Allie has eaten in the last four days).

Things are looking up.  Allie is on the mend and TODD IS HOME!!!

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