Thursday, June 21, 2012


OMG!  This stuff is amazing!!!  If you haven't tried Nutella should.  I do think it's pretty funny how the advertisements lead you to believe this is a "healthy" breakfast/snack.  Who are they trying to kid? It's chocolate, people!  However, I'll add the few extra calories into my diet any day to get a scoop of this yummy delicious-nous. 

For lunch I gave her a few pretzel sticks to enjoy with her pizza and banana.  Immediately she asked, "dip, dip?" over and over again.  I put a little Nutella on her plate and she enjoyed dipping her pretzel sticks into it...

...and her banana...

...and her pizza!  Didn't you know that pizza ALWAYS tastes better with a little Nutella on it!  I guess next time we order a pizza, one of the toppings I should ask for is Nutella, lol.

Allie enjoyed her lunch very much!  It was written all over her face...and hands...and shirt...and hair...and armpits.

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