Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Barking Baby

This morning I woke up to the sound of a seal barking in my ear.  For a minute, I thought I was somewhere by the ocean on a tropical vacation...then I opened my eyes and remembered that my poor little Allie girl is feeling under the weather.  It all started Sunday evening when Allie woke from her nap with a fever.  I for SURE thought another ear infection was coming our way.  Lucky for us, her ears were clear!  However, she was diagnosed with a virus.  (Whoo-hoo...anything is better than another ear infection...or so I thought).

This morning her fever, runny nose, and sneezes turned into a barking cough...aka: CROUP.  What a sad sight.  Allie had the death grip on me from 6:00 am until around 7:00 am when Grandma got here.  I peeled her off of me so I could take a much needed shower.  Needless to say, she was the saddest thing I've laid eyes on.  Whining, scratchy voice, poor little limp girl just laid on whoever was holding her.  About five minutes before I was supposed to walk out the door, I raced to the kitchen sink as Allie threw up the entire contents of the 9 oz cup of milk she drank.  No time to change clothes (and frankly not too many options to choose from because laundry has been piling up).  Off to school I go...smelling a bit like sour milk.

The report I got from Grandma was that she wouldn't eat or drink, and was a very unhappy girl all day.  She slept most of the day (only on Grandma though).  Back to the doctors we went again.  This time the diagnosis was croup. 

Allie taking a much needed rest in her swing...yes...she still fits in it, lol.

As our day comes to an end, I'm wondering what tonight and tomorrow will bring.  Allie's food intake today consisted of a goldfish cracker...ONE goldfish cracker.  Needless to say I will not be going to work tomorrow (I will be staying home from WORK).  I will be working at holding and caring for my sweet baby girl.

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