Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Language Explosion

Allie turn eighteen months and all of a sudden she is Miss Chatter Box!  She is a social butterfly and has a LOT to say.  Allie is still signing and will sign and talk at the same time.  Usually as soon as she wakes up her little had is making the squeezing motion sign for "milk." 

Todd and I are getting pretty good at interpreting Allie.  The first word Allie said was "Dada" and now she says "mama" all the time.  Over the past two weeks, she has said so many new words...

amee - animal
upee - up please
daaw - down
mo peas - more please
baabee - baby
dut - duck
beebee - birdie
waawaa - water
nana - grandma
papa - grandpa
foe - phone
daadaa - dog dog
elmee - Elmo
biee - bike
liee - light
paaee - potty
aasieede - outside
daaee - dolly
tuk - truck
ot - hot
coo - cool
baa - ball
bubye - bye bye
opee - open
tane - train
ho - home
I dee - I do
oje - orange
deedee - TV
ju - juice
see - cereal
pip - drip
dop - drop

I always wonder what new thing she will say next.  I haven't gotten very many videos of Allie lately because every time I get out the camera, she runs to me and expects me to hand it over.  In this video I captured Allie's sweet little voice that I'll treasure forever.  She says...truck, drop, outside, dada, phone, sit, open, and potty.

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