Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

This Father's day was actually the first that we were all together to celebrate.  Last year on Father's day it wasn't a weekend that was scheduled for Todd to fly home.  Allie got her dad a stepping stone making kit.  My initial intention was to make it ahead of time and have Todd open up the completed project.  However, with Allie being sick a week before, the end of the school year filled with field trips, presentations, report cards and other paperwork, and a staff party...and Todd moving home and all of stuff from our apartment dumped off here...Father's day kinda got away from me.  Now looking at how everything panned out, I'm glad we didn't make it for him...because we ended up making it WITH him on Father's day. 

Allie decorated the box with her LARGE toddler friendly crayons the morning of.  Later, we mixed up the cement and made the stone with Allie's hand print in the center.  She was a little reluctant to put her hand into the cement at first.  Then she cried when Todd and I pushed her had down into it.  The finished project came out pretty well.

At the house I grew up in (the house my dad still lives in), my brother's and my hand print were molded into a slab of concrete in our backyard.  I remember placing my hand in the impression as I grew my hand grew but the impression did not.  I plan to put Allie's stepping stone into the backyard somewhere when we do a little more landscaping back there.  I know she'll most likely do the same thing as she grows her growing hand into the hand print impression in the stone.  Now, we'll have a little Father's day memory to cherish in our garden for years to come.

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