Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Apple a Day...

Allie passed her 18 month check up with flying colors.  She weighed in at 19 lbs 4.4 oz (completely off the curve, but making her own and still growing well)...she's STILL our little peanut!  However, we were surprised to find out that she is 32 inches tall and in the 50% for her height.

Todd and I were VERY surprised when the doctor told us that children Allie's age are expected to know an average of 6 words.  Allie has about 50 or so words currently in her vocabulary. What can I say...she's advanced, lol!

Allie received her last round of shots until her 4th birthday.  We prepared her and told her she was going to get a boo-boo.  She shook her head yes (probably not really knowing what was about to happen).  She cried, of course...but suddenly stopped after TWO seconds when Todd had the brilliant idea of turning on the water in the sink.  Allie LOVES to play in the water and when she heard the water running she suddenly forgot all about her boo-boo.  She was a little trooper and we are so proud of her!

Here's Allie after her appointment...stickers, toothpaste sample, and a bandaid on each leg (her outfit is covering them up).  Our little girl is growing up!!!

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