Sunday, June 10, 2012

18 Month Family Photos

It's that time photos!  This time we had Up The Hill Photography photograph us again...because I WON A FREE SESSION!!!!  Finally, this crazy life we live paid off.  Up The Hill had a contest for Valentine's Day.  I had to write in and tell why someone in my family deserved a free photo session.  I wrote in on behalf of Todd and Allie (of course) and told our story of the past 3+ years...the story of how difficult it was to get our precious angel here...the story of how Todd persued his dreams...the story of how Allie and I traveled to and from Boston OFTEN (22 times to be exact!)...and the story of how we survived it all and supported one another through good times, bad times, stressful times, and exciting times.  I was extatic when I received the email that I had WON and knew this was the perfect opportunity to have Allie's 18 month photos taken.

We were photographed at Kensington Park on a perfectly warm, summer, June morning.  Allie's dress is what inspired our clothing.  I thought it came together nicely!  Everything was perfect...except our Allie girl, lol.  She apparently wasn't in the mood to have her photograph taken.  Luckily we got some good ones reguardless of Allie's mood that day.

What a cutie pie!

Family Photos

Fun with Dad...

...and with Mom


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