Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Apple a Day...

Allie passed her 18 month check up with flying colors.  She weighed in at 19 lbs 4.4 oz (completely off the curve, but making her own and still growing well)...she's STILL our little peanut!  However, we were surprised to find out that she is 32 inches tall and in the 50% for her height.

Todd and I were VERY surprised when the doctor told us that children Allie's age are expected to know an average of 6 words.  Allie has about 50 or so words currently in her vocabulary. What can I say...she's advanced, lol!

Allie received her last round of shots until her 4th birthday.  We prepared her and told her she was going to get a boo-boo.  She shook her head yes (probably not really knowing what was about to happen).  She cried, of course...but suddenly stopped after TWO seconds when Todd had the brilliant idea of turning on the water in the sink.  Allie LOVES to play in the water and when she heard the water running she suddenly forgot all about her boo-boo.  She was a little trooper and we are so proud of her!

Here's Allie after her appointment...stickers, toothpaste sample, and a bandaid on each leg (her outfit is covering them up).  Our little girl is growing up!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


OMG!  This stuff is amazing!!!  If you haven't tried Nutella should.  I do think it's pretty funny how the advertisements lead you to believe this is a "healthy" breakfast/snack.  Who are they trying to kid? It's chocolate, people!  However, I'll add the few extra calories into my diet any day to get a scoop of this yummy delicious-nous. 

For lunch I gave her a few pretzel sticks to enjoy with her pizza and banana.  Immediately she asked, "dip, dip?" over and over again.  I put a little Nutella on her plate and she enjoyed dipping her pretzel sticks into it...

...and her banana...

...and her pizza!  Didn't you know that pizza ALWAYS tastes better with a little Nutella on it!  I guess next time we order a pizza, one of the toppings I should ask for is Nutella, lol.

Allie enjoyed her lunch very much!  It was written all over her face...and hands...and shirt...and hair...and armpits.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Ride

Bright and early this pulled up at our house...

...which contained every little thing we owned and had taken to or bought in Boston.  They unloaded everything into our house and unpacked it for us.  Now, that might sound great...but by "unpacking" I mean they took everything out of the boxes and placed it and  on the floor, counters, etc.  There was stuff EVERYWHERE!!!  These photos were only of the upstairs.  We had piles all over downstairs and in our basement too.

Clothes to be hung up in our closets.

Bathroom things to be put away.

Lots more things that need a place.

It was great that they took everything out of the boxes and hauled the boxes away...but we still had the enormous and time consuming task of putting everything were it belonged.  We had double of most things so some things were donated. I was pouring Cheerios from that opened box to the box we already had opened here.  Our pantry has a TON of food in it already and now we were trying to squeeze in more.  Pretty much every closet had to be reorganized.  It felt like there were just piles that I was moving from one place to the next.  This pile needed to go to the basement, that pile needed to go to our bathroom.  What a nightmare!  And all Allie wanted to do was go OUTSIDE and push her baby stroller up the ramp of the her pajamas.

It took us about three good days to get everything in its place and organized.  I still have some pictures I painted that hung above our couch that I would like to now go above our bed to hang up.  But...I think we are finally all settled and are ready to live the rest of our lives OUR house.  I'm so happy to have all of our stuff in one place.  No more "Is my purple shirt out there that I want to wear today?" or "Did I leave my jeans there because I can't find them?"  It might not sound so bad...but it WAS!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

This Father's day was actually the first that we were all together to celebrate.  Last year on Father's day it wasn't a weekend that was scheduled for Todd to fly home.  Allie got her dad a stepping stone making kit.  My initial intention was to make it ahead of time and have Todd open up the completed project.  However, with Allie being sick a week before, the end of the school year filled with field trips, presentations, report cards and other paperwork, and a staff party...and Todd moving home and all of stuff from our apartment dumped off here...Father's day kinda got away from me.  Now looking at how everything panned out, I'm glad we didn't make it for him...because we ended up making it WITH him on Father's day. 

Allie decorated the box with her LARGE toddler friendly crayons the morning of.  Later, we mixed up the cement and made the stone with Allie's hand print in the center.  She was a little reluctant to put her hand into the cement at first.  Then she cried when Todd and I pushed her had down into it.  The finished project came out pretty well.

At the house I grew up in (the house my dad still lives in), my brother's and my hand print were molded into a slab of concrete in our backyard.  I remember placing my hand in the impression as I grew my hand grew but the impression did not.  I plan to put Allie's stepping stone into the backyard somewhere when we do a little more landscaping back there.  I know she'll most likely do the same thing as she grows her growing hand into the hand print impression in the stone.  Now, we'll have a little Father's day memory to cherish in our garden for years to come.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heritage Festival

A little Saturday fun at the Heritage Festival at Tollgate Farms.  Our subdivision is a very short walk from a MSU's farmland. Allie and I talk a walk there about once a week to see the animals that out and about. 

It was a HOT one, but we ventured out to the farm for some heritage fun. 

Plenty of activities for Allie to participate in...sitting on saddles and scooping dried corn kernels.

There were PLENTY of animals to play with...none of which that Allie would be brave enough to touch.  There were horses, baby turkeys, sheep, baby cows, ducks and goats.  Most were just hanging out in the grass for us pet.

"Dut! Dut!!"

But...I think Allie's favorite part of the day was the FREE hot dog...yummy!  Hot dogs are becoming a new favorite food for Allie girl.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Language Explosion

Allie turn eighteen months and all of a sudden she is Miss Chatter Box!  She is a social butterfly and has a LOT to say.  Allie is still signing and will sign and talk at the same time.  Usually as soon as she wakes up her little had is making the squeezing motion sign for "milk." 

Todd and I are getting pretty good at interpreting Allie.  The first word Allie said was "Dada" and now she says "mama" all the time.  Over the past two weeks, she has said so many new words...

amee - animal
upee - up please
daaw - down
mo peas - more please
baabee - baby
dut - duck
beebee - birdie
waawaa - water
nana - grandma
papa - grandpa
foe - phone
daadaa - dog dog
elmee - Elmo
biee - bike
liee - light
paaee - potty
aasieede - outside
daaee - dolly
tuk - truck
ot - hot
coo - cool
baa - ball
bubye - bye bye
opee - open
tane - train
ho - home
I dee - I do
oje - orange
deedee - TV
ju - juice
see - cereal
pip - drip
dop - drop

I always wonder what new thing she will say next.  I haven't gotten very many videos of Allie lately because every time I get out the camera, she runs to me and expects me to hand it over.  In this video I captured Allie's sweet little voice that I'll treasure forever.  She says...truck, drop, outside, dada, phone, sit, open, and potty.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

18 Month Family Photos

It's that time photos!  This time we had Up The Hill Photography photograph us again...because I WON A FREE SESSION!!!!  Finally, this crazy life we live paid off.  Up The Hill had a contest for Valentine's Day.  I had to write in and tell why someone in my family deserved a free photo session.  I wrote in on behalf of Todd and Allie (of course) and told our story of the past 3+ years...the story of how difficult it was to get our precious angel here...the story of how Todd persued his dreams...the story of how Allie and I traveled to and from Boston OFTEN (22 times to be exact!)...and the story of how we survived it all and supported one another through good times, bad times, stressful times, and exciting times.  I was extatic when I received the email that I had WON and knew this was the perfect opportunity to have Allie's 18 month photos taken.

We were photographed at Kensington Park on a perfectly warm, summer, June morning.  Allie's dress is what inspired our clothing.  I thought it came together nicely!  Everything was perfect...except our Allie girl, lol.  She apparently wasn't in the mood to have her photograph taken.  Luckily we got some good ones reguardless of Allie's mood that day.

What a cutie pie!

Family Photos

Fun with Dad...

...and with Mom


Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome Home

At approximately 2:00 am this morning, I awoke as Todd crawled into bed...our our in Michigan.  The movers came to pack up our apartment in Boston sometime the morning before and Todd left shortly after.  After driving for 12.5 hours...he finally pulled his car into our garage.  It's been over two years since that car has driven into our garage. 

I was up this morning around 6:00ish taking care of our Allie girl (whom is still feeling under the weather).  Her cough is getting better, but she is still Little Miss Cranky Pants.  I stayed home from work yesterday...only to get a call in the morning that school was canceled!  Lucky for me I didn't have to use a sick day...perfect timing for the power to go out in West Bloomfield.  I'm sure all my teacher friends were enjoying their impromptu day off.  However, I had a sniffy, coughing, cranky gal attached to me all day.  I WAS going to attempt to clean the house a bit.  Unfortunately, that did not happen in the least.  The only productive thing that I got accomplished was to cut up a watermelon that had been sitting on my kitchen counter for about a week.  Allie picked a watermelon rind out of the garbage while I was cutting and started eating the little bit of edible part that was left on it.  I was so happy that she was FINALLY eating something...I didn't care in the least that watermelon juice was dripping all over the floor (our house really needed a cleaning anyways), or that she tossed it to the floor when she was done.

Todd made it home just in time.  Grandma came over to babysit for the day because we really didn't know when Todd was going to make it home.  Grandma has been a HUGE help this week.  She's been the other person Allie has clung to all week.  If I wasn't home, Grandma was the go-to person for Allie to be attached to all day.  We are so lucky to have her.  Todd got his daily dose of her crabbiness today, although she was MUCH better and didn't need to be held all day.  She even ate a doughnut that I brought home from school that one of my students gave me in celebration of her birthday (thanks, Samantha...that was about the only thing Allie has eaten in the last four days).

Things are looking up.  Allie is on the mend and TODD IS HOME!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Barking Baby

This morning I woke up to the sound of a seal barking in my ear.  For a minute, I thought I was somewhere by the ocean on a tropical vacation...then I opened my eyes and remembered that my poor little Allie girl is feeling under the weather.  It all started Sunday evening when Allie woke from her nap with a fever.  I for SURE thought another ear infection was coming our way.  Lucky for us, her ears were clear!  However, she was diagnosed with a virus.  (Whoo-hoo...anything is better than another ear infection...or so I thought).

This morning her fever, runny nose, and sneezes turned into a barking cough...aka: CROUP.  What a sad sight.  Allie had the death grip on me from 6:00 am until around 7:00 am when Grandma got here.  I peeled her off of me so I could take a much needed shower.  Needless to say, she was the saddest thing I've laid eyes on.  Whining, scratchy voice, poor little limp girl just laid on whoever was holding her.  About five minutes before I was supposed to walk out the door, I raced to the kitchen sink as Allie threw up the entire contents of the 9 oz cup of milk she drank.  No time to change clothes (and frankly not too many options to choose from because laundry has been piling up).  Off to school I go...smelling a bit like sour milk.

The report I got from Grandma was that she wouldn't eat or drink, and was a very unhappy girl all day.  She slept most of the day (only on Grandma though).  Back to the doctors we went again.  This time the diagnosis was croup. 

Allie taking a much needed rest in her swing...yes...she still fits in it, lol.

As our day comes to an end, I'm wondering what tonight and tomorrow will bring.  Allie's food intake today consisted of a goldfish cracker...ONE goldfish cracker.  Needless to say I will not be going to work tomorrow (I will be staying home from WORK).  I will be working at holding and caring for my sweet baby girl.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Year and a Half

Allie dropped her morning nap this month and only took one nap a day.  It took a week or so to make the adjustment, but Allie is loving her long mornings of playtime.  Allie's favorite words to say were "dog" and "bird."  Usually while on a walk with Grandma or I, Allie would point out the dogs that were being walked by their owners or the birds flying by.  She like to wave to the birds and dogs too.  When reading books Allie would point to the pictures of the dogs and say "dog-dog" too.  Allie also said "more please" often.  Whenever she liked could be a certain food, or being tickled by her dad...Allie would clap her little hands together for the sign more and say "mo pees."  Allie started to brush her own teeth instead of me doing it for her.  She does a pretty nice job at it.