Saturday, May 19, 2012

Part of the Family

Recently, Allie has not been very cooperative getting into her high chair when it's time to eat.  Picture Fred Flinstone feet as I try to place her little legs through and under the tray.  Not an easy task.  It usually end with me trying to grab her wiggly feet from the underside while she crying, arching her back, and kicking me with the free leg.

Allie in her high chair before (with the tray on).
Solution: take the tray off!  Allie still tries to pull her Fred Flinstone move, but has no luck now.  Defeat!  There is no tray to get in our way.  Allie now gets to sit with us as a family and have dinner all at the same table.  I think this gives her a little bit of happiness at mealtime.  Much better than sitting off to the side while everyone else gets to sit together.

Ta-daaa!  Look at me now in my big girl chair.

I can sit at the table with everyone!

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