Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day

Earlier this week Allie came home with a little gift for me she made at day care.  What a cute little gift!  A blueberry muffin baked into a flowerpot.  Allie decorated a card to stick into the top.  The muffin was very yummy...Allie and I shared it for breakfast one day.

Today was a day to celebrate moms...all of our moms...Todd's mom, my mom, and Allie's mom (me).  Yesterday, Allie, Todd and I all took a trip to the cemetery to celebrate my mom.  Today, we celebrated Todd's mom, and Allie celebrated me. 

Three generations - Kathleen (Grandma), Monica (Mommy), and Allie

We had a family day at home with Grandma and Grandpa.  For dinner we grilled (our grill hasn't been used since last Mother's Day).  Thanks Grandma for bringing dinner over.  You're the best!  It turned out to be a beautiful day outside.  It was perfect for Allie to get out and run around a bit.

My gift for Mother's Day slash my birthday, was new cabinets for our laundry room.  I picked out my gift myself.  Yep!  That's what I wanted.  I want to finish this house one room at a time.  The current room I'm working on is the laundry room.  Super big thanks to my dad for putting them together for us.  It's so nice to have a handy guy around who can do all the things I need done.  The best part is...he doesn't charge!  Don't they look GREAT!  I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Grandma liked her goodies she got from all of us.  Allie helped open.  She liked the chocolate bars the best.  Sorry Grandma, you probably have teeth marks in your chocolate bar now.

We ate dinner on the patio...I'm so excited we can FINALLY put out our patio furniture's been two years!  I think Allie really enjoyed eating outside with the birds.  She kept pointing and talking about them.  She really enjoyed her corn too.

But the best part of the day was DESSERT!  Grandma brought cupcakes over for dessert, but we decided we should go out for ice cream instead.  Grandpa and Allie still wanted a cupcake though.  Allie ate every bit of the frosting off her cupcake.  Her dad helped her eat the cake part.

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