Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bye, Bye Boston

Before we leave town for good we had to visit some of our very favorite places this weekend before we pack it all up and say sayonara.  I'm not exactly ready to leave this city just yet, but I'm so grateful that we will all be living under the same roof (and that we can finally stop throwing away our hard earned money on RENT!)  Boston has a multitude of fun family things to do.  There are a ton of things to see in the city, it is super easy to get there from our place via the T, and we are right on the east coast next to the ocean. 

We took one last trip to the city to see some of the sites.  We made our way to the commons for a pit stop at tadpole park to play for a bit.  We were a little disappointed that frog pond wasn't open yet on this 90 degree day (apparently frog pond doesn't open until July). 

The commons were decorated for Memorial Day.  There was an abundance of flags stuck in the grass.  Allie tried to pull some of them out...luckily we stopped her.  I can't imagine how long it took to put them all up.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go downtown was so I could get a photo of Allie on the Make Way for Ducklings statue.  I had photos of her from last summer on the ducks.  This year she was able to sit on the ducks herself.  She recently learned how to say "duck" or "dut" so she was excited to see so many ducks...real and make believe.   

Summer 2011

Spring 2012

 Allie spotted the "duts" from afar and bolted over to them.  She would have liked to go swimming with the "duts" too.  Allie especially liked the "baa-bee duts."  I told Allie that the daddy duck has a green head and that's how we know he's the daddy.  Allie then showed me where her head was.

We couldn't leave the city without riding the carousal in the commons.  This was Allie's first time on a carousal and wasn't too sure of it.  She sat on the horse for a couple minutes but was MUCH happier when I held her. 

After a quick snooze in the stroller and a bite for lunch (north end pizza and gelato), we came across the fountains.  I guess this was a second best alternative to frog pond.  Allie wasn't so sure about the "wa-wa" at first.  She ran away from the fountains a few times.  After a little convincing (and Todd and I taking turns holding Allie and sticking her in the water), Allie had a BLAST!  She loved to stick her hands and feet in the water and have it spray all over everyone (including Todd and I who were fully clothed).  It did feel pretty good on this HOT day though.

This will be some of the things I will miss most about Boston...the downtown, the fountains, the food, the massive park...and all the fun and memories we've acquired over the past two years.  Thank you Boston for adding so many memories to our family scrapbook. 

The rest of our weekend was filled with other fun adventures.  We met up with the "Melrose Moms" at the toddler park for coffee and doughnuts (coffee for the moms and dads and doughnuts for the babes...and dad's too).  We hosted one last pool party for all our friends also.  Allie and I are sure going to miss the pool this summer.  Thank you "Melrose Moms" for being our friends during this exciting, yet hard time in our lives.  You girls were our friends and family here and we sure appreciate you.  You played with us, you took care of us, you invited us over for holidays and BBQ's...I'm so thankful for you.  Allie and I are going to miss you and the babes. 

Our family of three made sure to get some green monster ice cream one last time while visiting the city on the hill (twice).  We walked to Dunkin Doughnuts to get Allie a couple munchkins like a true Bostonian (also twice).  And...the day finally came when we walked around our apartment and said our goodbyes.  Allie said goodbye to her crib and changing table (which will be used in the future by Tony's new little brother arriving in late July).  She said goodbye to the sink where she took her first baths at one and two months old.  We said goodbye to our living room where we spent many hours cooped up in the LONG blizzard of a winter during my maternity leave.  We said goodbye to our table where Allie enjoyed many breakfasts, lunches and dinners (which will be a future dining place for Allie's friend, Cyrus). We said goodbye to the pool where Allie took her first swim.  We said goodbye to cute downtown Melrose where we walked (or ran) to almost everyday during the summer months and frequented Mexico Lindo, Starbucks, and Shaw's.  We said goodbye to Oak Grove Village...our home away from home.  You were a great home for our family and I'm so thankful we found you.  You introduced us to friends, fun, and family memories.  We couldn't have asked for a better location across from Pine Banks Park, a five minute walk to the T, and a mile from downtown Melrose.  We said goodbye to the Zakim Bridge and the "Big Dig" tunnel we drove through soooo many times on our way to the airport.  And when Allie and I stepped off the plane from our LAST trip we would ever take alone from Boston...we said goodbye to the 22 flights she has taken in her 18 months of life. 

This chapter in our lives is coming to a close rather quickly and in a week-ish Todd will be driving his car out from our underground parking garage one last time and make the treturous 14-hour drive home to Michigan.  I can't wait to see him pull up into our driveway.  Bye, bye Boston. 

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  1. 1) I love the comparison between last year and this year on the ducks
    2) I love your shorts
    3) I am so happy for your family that he gets to come home!!