Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Year, Another Birthday

Another year has gone by...I'm 33 years old.  Where is the time going?  Allie is getting older...and bigger!  That means I am too.  I don't mind so much watching her grow up.  It's me growing up that is bothersome.
This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday, so Todd was not around on my special day.  We did celebrate on Saturday night with our friends.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting for us until the wee hours of the morning.  We had a great time and it seems like FOREVER since we've gone out that late.  Of course the next day we were super tired and it didn't help that Allie ended up getting ANOTHER ear infection.  That's four now...yikes!  That night I received the best gift I could have ever gotten...a single piece of paper that said the word "transfer" on it (along with some other words that I didn't pay too much attention to).  It was the best news we've received in a long time and all of our friends were there to celebrate.

Sunday we celebrated as a family...dinner, cake, and gifts.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the Bare Essential goodies.  Allie got me my favorite...baklava.  She even wrote her name on the tag!  What a thoughtful gift.  She must have remembered all the baklava I ate in the hospital after her birth (I ate a lot of baklava).

For my actual birthday, Allie's buddy, Austin, and his mommy took us out for dinner.  Austin and Allie had the best time in the car.  Allie laughed at Austin.  Then Austin would laugh at Allie because she was laughing.  Then Allie would laugh because Austin was.  It was very comical, and cute.  Allie was not as happy in the restaurant.  She was still getting over her ear infection and we've been working on dropping down to one nap a day...not an easy transition.  Nonetheless, it was nice to celebrate with close friends...even with a cranky Allie.  Thanks Austin and Kat for the dinner.

A few more wrinkles and many more gray hairs...but many, MANY more wonderful memories this last year has blessed me with.  I'm thankful for another year with my family and I'm thankful for another year of health and happiness.

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