Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Potty

Allie is almost a year and a half old and I think it's about time she meet her new friend - the POTTY.  We have two potties in Allie's bathroom...the one that goes on the toilet and the one that sits on the floor.  She's not too excited about the one on the toilet just yet.  She points at it all the time.  When I ask her if she wants to sit on it, she'll shake her head yes.  However, about two and half seconds later she is reaching for me whining to get down.  Not sure if she thinks she's going to fall in, or if she doesn't like being up high. 

From the moment I brought home the floor potty, Allie took a seat right away.  It didn't matter if she was fully clothed or stripped down naked.  She really liked sitting on the potty.  Maybe because it's a girly, pretty, pink potty.  Or maybe because she gets to read her books while on the potty.  Either way, I'm glad she is liking it at the moment.  Now, if only she would use the potty.

It just so happens that the very first time I put her on the potty she actually used it!  Todd and I were shocked!  We made the biggest deal out of it and gave her a treat (marshmallows) in hopes that the next time she would do the same thing just to get a marshmallow.  The very next day while Grandma was babysitting, Allie used the potty AGAIN!  As Grandma would say..."Allie did BIG POTTY" (if you read between the lines you'll know what big potty really means and that it was a BIG deal).  Again, Allie got a marshmallow. 

It's been over two weeks since Allie used her potty two days in a row.  Since then, Allie has sat on the potty every night before bed...but no potty...and no marshmallows for Allie.  We've gone to the bathroom on the floor a couple times though.  Luckily on the bathroom tile (easy clean up).

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