Tuesday, May 1, 2012

17 Months Old

Allie and I flew to Boston for a week to visit with Todd.  This was Allie's 19th and 20th flights.  Allie refused to wear her bib when she ate.  She would pull until it came off.  Sometimes I pinned it on her so she couldn't get it off.  Allie began to use a fork when eating. She did a great job eating her peas with a fork. Some favorite foods this month were peas, cantaloupe, watermelon, and marshmallows. Whenever Allie went in to the pantry, she pointed at the marshmallows.  Allie loved to ride around in toy cars.  She got a truck from Grandpa for Easter and spent many hours getting in and out of the truck...and beeping the horn.  Allie really liked to sit down too.  She often sat in her rocking chair with a book or with her toy phone.  In Boston, Allie didn't have a chair...so she turned her book basket upside down to make one.  April was a busy month.  Allie attended four of her friend's birthday parties.  Allie said her own name and also some of  her friends' names.  Allie also said "dog" when she saw a dog at the mall or walking down the street.  Allie learned how to sign "thank you," but needed to be reminded to do it.  Allie went on the potty TWICE this month!  We started practicing every night before bedtime.

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