Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A World of Difference

I bought a new point and shoot camera when Allie was about six weeks old.  It was small, fit in my pocket, and had video.  I thought it was great.  I could get cute pics of Allie laying in her swing, or her sitting in the Bumbo.  Then, Allie grew...and starting crawling...and walking.  9 out of 10 of the photos I took ended up having a blurred hand right across the middle of the photo, or I missed the moment of her smiling because the camera took too long to focus.  Trying to take photos of my Allie girl with any quality at all had become more and more of a challenge as Allie was getting older and on the go. 

I never thought I would buy an SLR camera...they are BIG...and EXPENSIVE!  My blurred pictures are a thing of the past though.  Hello, new camera!!!  An early birthday gift from my dad...THANKS, DAD!  This gift will be very well used...and often too.  My only regret of buying this camera is not buying it sooner.  I wish I would have gotten an SLR before Allie was born so I could have had nice photos of her from day one. I'm still kicking myself for not taking video of her right after she was born in the hospital.  I didn't start taking videos until she was seven weeks old...grrrr!  Bad, mom!

My new camera...that will be taking thousands of pictures of Allie in the near future

I'm only just starting to learn how to use this complicated piece of machinery.  But already, I LOVE what it can do.  There is NO comparison...check out these candid photos I got of Allie after school today.  What a world of difference.  I think I might have a second career brewing up my sleeve here.  Anyone want to let me practice on them and their family?

My serious little girl

Check out that quality!  LOVE!

Allie is learning about the world by using her senses...including taste. 
Yes...that is a rock.

One of the only few pictures I got of her actually sitting for a second

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