Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stone Zoo

There are soooo many fun things to do in Boston.  I feel like we have much more to explore during our time out here.  The Stone zoo is a 5 minute drive from our apartment.  We drive by it all the time.  Allie and her four friends decided to hang out at the zoo on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.  Conor, Tony and Anja joined Allie for some animal watching fun.

Conor and Allie

Allie LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the bird house.  There were free flying birds and a couple kept flying over Allie in her stroller.  It might have been from all the crackers she had laid out on her tray (it was lunch time).  I was hoping they wouldn't swoop down and attack her.  We managed to leave without an encounter.  Whenever they flew by, Allie would giggle and point at them...and babble something.  She's just starting to observe and notice things around her.  So neat to see.

I took Allie out of her stroller by the monkeys.  She could have stayed there forever.  She went right up to the glass with no fear and started tapping and pointing at the momma monkey.  There was the cutest little baby monkey too.  I think Allie was pretending to be a monkey.

Thanks Lindsay and Conor for letting us use your zoo pass.  The zoo is MUCH better when you can get in for FREE!

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