Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hop'n Down the Bunny Trail

These past couple days have been filled with Easter fun.  Yesterday the mall by our apartment was having an Easter Egg Hunt.  A couple of my mom friends and I decided to go and also have the babes pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.  I did not have high hopes after our recent visit with Santa Claus...remember?

I dressed Allie in this adorable, VINTAGE dress.  My mom MADE this dress and I wore it when I was Allie's age.  It's been hanging in her closet since she was born along with a couple others.  This was the smallest and the first one that she was able to fit into.  I really like this dress because I don't think it looks too 80's-ish and I have to admit...Allie looks so stink'n cute in it!  These are the times I really miss my mom. She was a wonderful sewer and I know she would have loved to make things for Allie.  I really could have used her help when I decorated Allie nursery, or when the button fell off Allie's sweater...or when Allie needed a teether for her crib rail.  I can sew simple things, but it's just easier when your mom can do it for you.  I could NEVER make a dress like this though.

I was quite surprised when I got Allie out of her stroller and set her down.  She immediately walked over to the Easter Bunny and just stared at him.  Maybe she recognized him from last year?  Then she pointed at him and babbled something.  I asked her if she wanted to sit on his lap and she nodded.  Before she had time to really think about, I scooped her up and plopped her on his lap. She was such a trooper.  Just sitting there, not screaming.  THEN...she even SMILED!  PERFECT PHOTO!!!

What a GREAT Easter Bunny Photo!  Good job, Allie!

The Easter Egg Hunt was fun.  There were clues to figure out what store to go to and collect your eggs.  Allie rode in her stroller during the hunt and held some of the eggs we collected.  When we got home, Allie checked out her loot.  She cracked open each egg.  She liked throwing the eggs the best.

Allie found stickers, toys, and candy inside of the eggs.  While I wasn't looking Allie grabbed a chocolate egg.  I don't think the Easter Bunny will be leaving any of these in Allie's Easter basket.

"I know I'm not supposed to have this...maybe no one will see me."

Today there was an Easter egg hunt at a SUPER COOL park in our city. The Easter Bunny was even there too!  The weather was perfect for an egg hunt and a visit to the park to play. Allie collected a few eggs and liked putting them in her Easter bag. The eggs were filled with fun candy!   Todd and I scattered the eggs around Allie off to the side because there were SOOOO many kids there.  She did a GREAT job collecting her eggs.

Easter egg hunt at the Melrose Common

Allie's friend Conor joined in on the fun too.  He enjoyed watching Allie pick up the eggs rather than picking them up himself.  Allie was nice enough to sit still for a picture of her and friend.

This park is amazing!!!   I WISH there was a park like this in Michigan.  There is a huge open area with tons of toys for the littles to play on.  I guess people just bring there toys and leave them there.  Allie had a ball playing with all the push and ride-on toys.   I just wish we would have found out about this park sooner. 

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