Sunday, April 22, 2012


A lovely Saturday afternoon lunch...Allie saw me eating carrots I dipped in hummus.  She pointed.  I handed over my hummus.  This is what happened...
Allie started by dipping her carrot in the hummus, but soon found it was easier to just use her finger, or HAND!  Or just put the whole container up to her mouth and lick it out of it.  Gotta love that messy hummus face.  What a disaster!  Hummus in her hair, up her nose, and in her ears.  Why is she not wearing a bib, you may ask?  Oh, because she decided that she no longer needs one.  I've tried every one in the drawer and she pulls it off three seconds after I put it on or whines and grabs it before I can even get it on. 

Allie loves her hummus though.  Thanks to Kellie for supplying Allie with an over abundance of single serve hummus packets.  They are the perfect size for her and she greatly appreciates them.  We haven't had to buy hummus for who knows how least for the past six months...if not before that.  Thanks, Kellie!

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