Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun at the Children's Museum

Allie and I took the T downtown and met Todd.  We had plans to visit the Children's Museum.  There are only a few areas in the museum that are age appropriate for Allie, but it was something to do and something NEW.  We all had fun exploring.

Allie traveled all over and played with the many new toys.  She climbed, crawled, and ran through all the different play areas.  She really liked the fish and the pretend kitchen.

The sand tables were very cool, but Allie didn't think so.  She had no interest in touching the sand.  I really hope she likes the beach this summer!  The bubble room was really fun.  We blew big and small bubbles...but Allie liked to taste the bubbles best.

"No, Allie!  Bubble are for blowing...not eating."

A little fresh air before our drive home.  Allie is checking out the planes flying overhead and the boats sailing by in the harbor.  What a gorgeous, April day!

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