Thursday, April 12, 2012

Food in a Pouch

Recently the baby food industry has come out with these incredible, convenient pouches that contains baby food.  They are so much easier than taking a jar and spoon on the go.  Allie was never a "baby food" eater, but I have to say...when I gave her a pouch, she would yum it up.  No matter what was in the pouch, yogurt, fruit, vegetables...Allie would suck it dry.  I only bought pouches for convenience when we were out and about or going out to dinner and as a last resort (if she refused to eat anything else).  I never gave them to her at home.  Allie ate her yogurt, hummus, peanut butter, soup and applesauce from a spoon. 

The only thing I hated about these pouches, was that I had to buy them filled.  Sometime I would have like to put my own yogurt in them, or my own applesauce.  This would have been much more economical. 

This past Christmas I received a gift from Auntie Ellen.  Check it out!  It's meant to be filled with water and you are supposed to use it when exercising.  Very cool...BUT...I had other ideas. 

I took my funnel that was buried in a kitchen drawer that I don't think has ever been used, and I filled it with applesauce. Genius! Allie LOVED it!  When she didn't finish all that was inside, I would pop it back into the fridge until the next meal.  This pouch goes with us a lot on the go and is fabulous.  Try to feed Allie apricot, peas and spinach from a spoon...NO WAY!  But from a pouch?  Oh, YES!

Allie's pouch is filled with applesauce.

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