Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buddies Birthday

Allie's buddies, Jack and Sawyer, celebrate their first birthday at Gymboree.  Allie was so excited to go because this was her first trip to Gymboree.  What fun!  Climbing, crawling, swinging, singing, and playing...oh my!

Hang'n with my buddy, Jack.
The birthday babies...Jack with his mommy and Sawyer with her daddy.  Jack enjoyed his cupcake a little more than Sawyer.  But, Allie LOVED her chocolate cupcake.  Actually, she loved the frosting!  And only the frosting...I couldn't believe it.  First the frosting fell off and I was sure Allie would eat the cake part.  Nope!  She picked up the frosting and stuffed it into her mouth!  What?!?!  She used to HATE frosting!

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