Sunday, April 1, 2012


The Hammerick's made a new discovery in Boston Jordan's Furniture...WHO KNEW?!?!?  Beantown is the cutest, yummiest, fun little place to visit.  A quick drive from our place up to Reading gave us well over an hour of entertainment...and it would have been free, if I didn't have the sweet tooth that I have. 

Beantown is known for their liquid fireworks.  Think of the Bellagio in Vegas, only on a smaller scale.  Allie was in awe when she first set her beautiful blue eyes on the liquid fireworks.  Fun music was playing while the dancing, colorful waters squirted this way and that.  She quietly sat on my lap and then Todd's just watching, smiling and giggling every so often.

Allie sitting on Dad's lap watching the show.

Liquid Fireworks!

Allie was sooooo cute riding around in her little taxi carriage (as us Bostonians call it).  We completely forgot to get the stroller out of the trunk.  We could have walked back to the car to get it, but there was no need to.  Allie happily sat right in the taxi and just chilled while Todd pushed her all around the place.  Then, Allie pushed the taxi all around the place.

Beantown gets it's name from all the jelly bean art and jelly bean covered walls.  25 million jelly beans make up Beantown.  There was the Sweet House (representing Boston's Old State House), the Big Dig Ice Cream Shop (Boston is not complete without plenty of construction), and Wally the Green Monster...I mean "Monstah."

I ordered my FAVORITE Boston ice cream from the Big Dig ice cream shop...GREEN MONSTER!  YUMMY!  I came across this flavor last summer and ordered every time I saw it somewhere.  It's very popular out here and at lots of ice cream shops.  Green Monster is mint ice cream with Oreo cookies and fudge.  Delicious!  This was a kiddie joke!  It was HUGE!  We all shared, and as you can tell by Allie's face, she's a big fan of Green Monster ice cream too!  She loved it and opened her mouth again and again for another yummy taste. 

I bet no one knew that Beantown now also has amusement rides. Yep!  It's called the "escalator."  Allie was so intrigued by the moving stairs she ran right over there to take a ride.  It's all very strange because whenever I put the stroller (with Allie still in it) on the escalator in the mall, Allie cries and hates every moment of it.  I guess having the freedom to go up and down on her own, gave Allie a whole new level of excitement.  Todd went up and down the escalator twice and Allie really would have liked to have gone a third time, but we decided to be the polite people we are and let others have a turn too.  The escalator was under Wally.  That whole wall was covered with green jelly beans!

We also made a small purchase at the Sweet House.  We bought Allie a gummy alligator for her to munch on too.  I think she might have been on sugar overload, but what's the fun of visiting Beantown without all the yummy deliciousness.  She really enjoyed her gummy alligator also.  Allie had a blast at Beantown and I'm so thankful my friend, Karen, recommended it to us.  I have a feeling this won't be our last visit to Beantown either.  Allie tired herself out pretty well and fell asleep on the ride home.  This was a perfect Sunday.

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