Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to Boston

It seems every time Allie and I come back to Boston, there is a TON to do.  I usually have to go through the house and reorganize everything.  I love you, Todd...but you know you do not keep things as neat and tidy as I like them to be.  I have to see what things I have here because I can never remember what clothes I have here and there.  The past few times we came out were October, then December and now April.  Allie never has any clothes here because she outgrows everything before we come back.  It's a pain to pack.  I send things with Todd weeks in advance so I don't have to deal with a bag.  I'm a planner, and always will be.  Makes my life calmer and it runs smoothly...most of the time.

Last time we were here in December we were able to avoid Allie playing with the DVR and the TV.  There were a couple times I caught her swinging our 60 inch (or some obnoxious size) flat screen back and forth.  This time I KNEW I would need a gate.  Lucky for us we have some amazing neighbors in our building that have a 2 year old and has let us borrow a variety of baby things.  We have borrowed their jump-a-roo (that saved us $100 or so), their push walker (Allie LOVES this still, so we might be hanging on to it for a bit longer), a learning table, and now we borrowed a baby gate.  It fits perfectly around our entertainment area.  Thanks Maya and Farhad for all the goodies.  We owe you guys for your generosity.  We promise to return EVERYTHING.

Here is Allie's new play space in our apartment.  We took down the pack-n-play because she never goes in it anymore.  There's our borrowed gate to keep her little fingers off of Todd's expensive toys.  Note to self: Do not buy a huge, expensive TV and put it on a low cabinet when you have a baby on the way.  That baby will grow bigger, start walking, and touch EVERYTHING!  Including your big expensive TV.

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