Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Shopping Down the Driveway

Todd, Allie and I are ALL ready for the summer.  June can't get here fast enough.  This weekend between rain showers, we had a bit of playtime outside.  Trying to keep Allie in one spot is nearly impossible.  We started in the backyard, but soon she was venturing towards the front.  Our back yard does not have a fence so Todd and I have to keep a close eye on her.  For some reason she likes to run towards the street.  Does this happen with all toddlers?  

Allie has accumulated quite a few outdoor toys lately that I've picked up from some mom 2 mom sales. Her favorite is a new shopping cart with lots of fun food.  She decided to go shopping down our driveway...

...she might have been walking a little too fast...ha ha ha!  CRASH!  Her shopping cart spun out of control.  Luckily, the only thing that went down was the cart.  Allie managed to stay upright.  No worries...with a little help from me, Allie was up and running her "errands" again.  She is prone to crashing her walking/riding toys into things...walk, tables, chairs, people.  Good thing she's only 1 and we have MANY more years to go before she gets her drivers license.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A World of Difference

I bought a new point and shoot camera when Allie was about six weeks old.  It was small, fit in my pocket, and had video.  I thought it was great.  I could get cute pics of Allie laying in her swing, or her sitting in the Bumbo.  Then, Allie grew...and starting crawling...and walking.  9 out of 10 of the photos I took ended up having a blurred hand right across the middle of the photo, or I missed the moment of her smiling because the camera took too long to focus.  Trying to take photos of my Allie girl with any quality at all had become more and more of a challenge as Allie was getting older and on the go. 

I never thought I would buy an SLR camera...they are BIG...and EXPENSIVE!  My blurred pictures are a thing of the past though.  Hello, new camera!!!  An early birthday gift from my dad...THANKS, DAD!  This gift will be very well used...and often too.  My only regret of buying this camera is not buying it sooner.  I wish I would have gotten an SLR before Allie was born so I could have had nice photos of her from day one. I'm still kicking myself for not taking video of her right after she was born in the hospital.  I didn't start taking videos until she was seven weeks old...grrrr!  Bad, mom!

My new camera...that will be taking thousands of pictures of Allie in the near future

I'm only just starting to learn how to use this complicated piece of machinery.  But already, I LOVE what it can do.  There is NO comparison...check out these candid photos I got of Allie after school today.  What a world of difference.  I think I might have a second career brewing up my sleeve here.  Anyone want to let me practice on them and their family?

My serious little girl

Check out that quality!  LOVE!

Allie is learning about the world by using her senses...including taste. 
Yes...that is a rock.

One of the only few pictures I got of her actually sitting for a second

Sunday, April 22, 2012


A lovely Saturday afternoon lunch...Allie saw me eating carrots I dipped in hummus.  She pointed.  I handed over my hummus.  This is what happened...
Allie started by dipping her carrot in the hummus, but soon found it was easier to just use her finger, or HAND!  Or just put the whole container up to her mouth and lick it out of it.  Gotta love that messy hummus face.  What a disaster!  Hummus in her hair, up her nose, and in her ears.  Why is she not wearing a bib, you may ask?  Oh, because she decided that she no longer needs one.  I've tried every one in the drawer and she pulls it off three seconds after I put it on or whines and grabs it before I can even get it on. 

Allie loves her hummus though.  Thanks to Kellie for supplying Allie with an over abundance of single serve hummus packets.  They are the perfect size for her and she greatly appreciates them.  We haven't had to buy hummus for who knows how least for the past six months...if not before that.  Thanks, Kellie!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corn on the Cob

Allie was really dig'n her corn on the cob for dinner tonight.  She ate it clean...didn't stop until every last kernel was in her belly.  I think I'll have to start buying more corn at the grocery store.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter was celebrated a week late for the Hammerick's this year.  Because Easter fell on the last day of my spring break, Allie and I flew home from Boston on Easter.  If we would have celebrated Easter in Boston, it would not have been as special as it was today.  I also really didn't want to take all of Allie's Easter gifts on the plane (nightmare).

That Easter Bunny is one smart rabbit.  He knew just what Allie needed (or wanted).  Allie got lots of goodies that made her a happy, happy girl.  She received a new bag that she can carry her milk and water to day care in.  Inside her bag was a number puzzle (Allie is getting more and more interested in puzzles lately, a football just the right size for Allie's hands (the Easter must have talked to Todd about that one), new book, and SUPER CUTE Detroit Tigers outfit to wear this fall (because that's how long it will take her to grow into it) when the Tigers are in the World Series...keeping our fingers crossed. 

In Allie's basket were Easter cookies, applesauce pouches, fishy crackers, a cute leopard flower hair clip, crayons, shampoo, and cereal bars.  Funny thing...Allie hated those cereal bars until this morning...I guess the ones the Easter Bunny brings are better tasting than the ones I buy. 

Allie also got a shopping cart because she LOVES to push things around.  Some days I'll find her high chair across the kitchen because she decided it needed to be relocated.  Inside the shopping cart the Easter Bunny left mini eggs filled with Allie's breakfast.  The eggs had Cheerios in them that Allie gobbled up.  Good thinking, Easter Bunny!

Check out what the Easter Bunny left for Allie

Allie checking out her goodies

Allie looked very spring-y in her white dress. Thanks Ainsley...Allie looked adorable!  She loved it and was a very neat stains at all! I did have a pink sandals picked out for her to wear, but after Allie cried for 5 minutes because I put them on her, Todd was her saviour and took them off. He told me to put her in gym he crazy?!?!?  She doesn't mind wearing tights though.

When the Grandparents arrived, we dyed eggs.  Yes, Allie is a bit too young for this...but since I was already boiling eggs to make deviled eggs for brunch, and I happen to find an egg dying kit in the Easter bin (probably from the 1980s that my mom gave to me MANY years ago)...I decided it might be fun.  We didn't go over board (we only dyed 8 eggs and used 3 colors).  Allie was only an observer.  Partly because she was wearing WHITE!  She looked very interested in what was going on.

Getting a good look...from afar

Purple, orange and green

The finished product

All ready for brunch.  I had the plan of making bunny pancakes for everyone...but I only ended up making one for Allie.  The rest of us just had regular pancakes...and lots of other yummy food too.  Allie ate the eyes off of her bunny...and that's about it.  Today was not a pancake day apparently.  She'd rather eat her pouch that the Easter Bunny brought her...and the cookie that Grandma gave her.

Bird's nest cupcakes for dessert

No Easter is complete without an egg hunt.  Todd "hid" the eggs in our living room.  Allie is getting REALLY good at finding those Easter eggs.  She found surprises in them too...fishy crackers, raisins, marshmallows (her FAVORITE!) and money!

You'd have thought it was Christmas in April with all the gifts Allie received.  Todd, I think, was more excited than Allie to play with her new gift from Grandpa.  We stayed up LATE (to us) putting it together the night before.  Who would have thought this little plastic car would take THREE hours to put together?!?!?  Todd brought this out I said...he couldn't wait.  Allie was not intimidated in the least.  She walked right over, opened the door and got in.  Allie loves to ride in her "cars."  At day care I hear she spends many of her days riding in her car and talking and her phone. 

Todd really liked the "truck" version of the Cozy Coupe.  I think the best part of it is the horn.  It sounds like a semi truck's horn.  Todd only had to show her how to use it once...she blew the horn so often I'm surprised the batteries are not worn out yet.

Auntie Ellen, Uncle Joe, Grandma and sorry, but Allie would not leave her car to open any gifts.  I will make Todd take full responsibility for this because he is the one that rolled out the truck before Allie opened any other gifts.  Allie did have time to enjoy a few animal crackers from Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe...and check out her gifts in the trunk of her car. 

Allie's is going to be all ready for the Tiger's games this summer with her new Tiger's dress and Tiger's CUTE!!!  Grandma was so thoughtful with her Annie's BUNNY cookies (I love these...Allie is going to have to share)...and a brand new outfit with matching bows for our summer cruise. 

Bad Mom/Photographer moment: totally forgot to get photos of Allie with the grandparents.  Ooops!  My sorry.  I really meant to.  Thank you Grandma for all your help with food and cleaning up.  It's really hard being mom, photographer, chef and host....ahhhh! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buddies Birthday

Allie's buddies, Jack and Sawyer, celebrate their first birthday at Gymboree.  Allie was so excited to go because this was her first trip to Gymboree.  What fun!  Climbing, crawling, swinging, singing, and playing...oh my!

Hang'n with my buddy, Jack.
The birthday babies...Jack with his mommy and Sawyer with her daddy.  Jack enjoyed his cupcake a little more than Sawyer.  But, Allie LOVED her chocolate cupcake.  Actually, she loved the frosting!  And only the frosting...I couldn't believe it.  First the frosting fell off and I was sure Allie would eat the cake part.  Nope!  She picked up the frosting and stuffed it into her mouth!  What?!?!  She used to HATE frosting!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Food in a Pouch

Recently the baby food industry has come out with these incredible, convenient pouches that contains baby food.  They are so much easier than taking a jar and spoon on the go.  Allie was never a "baby food" eater, but I have to say...when I gave her a pouch, she would yum it up.  No matter what was in the pouch, yogurt, fruit, vegetables...Allie would suck it dry.  I only bought pouches for convenience when we were out and about or going out to dinner and as a last resort (if she refused to eat anything else).  I never gave them to her at home.  Allie ate her yogurt, hummus, peanut butter, soup and applesauce from a spoon. 

The only thing I hated about these pouches, was that I had to buy them filled.  Sometime I would have like to put my own yogurt in them, or my own applesauce.  This would have been much more economical. 

This past Christmas I received a gift from Auntie Ellen.  Check it out!  It's meant to be filled with water and you are supposed to use it when exercising.  Very cool...BUT...I had other ideas. 

I took my funnel that was buried in a kitchen drawer that I don't think has ever been used, and I filled it with applesauce. Genius! Allie LOVED it!  When she didn't finish all that was inside, I would pop it back into the fridge until the next meal.  This pouch goes with us a lot on the go and is fabulous.  Try to feed Allie apricot, peas and spinach from a spoon...NO WAY!  But from a pouch?  Oh, YES!

Allie's pouch is filled with applesauce.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hop'n Down the Bunny Trail

These past couple days have been filled with Easter fun.  Yesterday the mall by our apartment was having an Easter Egg Hunt.  A couple of my mom friends and I decided to go and also have the babes pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.  I did not have high hopes after our recent visit with Santa Claus...remember?

I dressed Allie in this adorable, VINTAGE dress.  My mom MADE this dress and I wore it when I was Allie's age.  It's been hanging in her closet since she was born along with a couple others.  This was the smallest and the first one that she was able to fit into.  I really like this dress because I don't think it looks too 80's-ish and I have to admit...Allie looks so stink'n cute in it!  These are the times I really miss my mom. She was a wonderful sewer and I know she would have loved to make things for Allie.  I really could have used her help when I decorated Allie nursery, or when the button fell off Allie's sweater...or when Allie needed a teether for her crib rail.  I can sew simple things, but it's just easier when your mom can do it for you.  I could NEVER make a dress like this though.

I was quite surprised when I got Allie out of her stroller and set her down.  She immediately walked over to the Easter Bunny and just stared at him.  Maybe she recognized him from last year?  Then she pointed at him and babbled something.  I asked her if she wanted to sit on his lap and she nodded.  Before she had time to really think about, I scooped her up and plopped her on his lap. She was such a trooper.  Just sitting there, not screaming.  THEN...she even SMILED!  PERFECT PHOTO!!!

What a GREAT Easter Bunny Photo!  Good job, Allie!

The Easter Egg Hunt was fun.  There were clues to figure out what store to go to and collect your eggs.  Allie rode in her stroller during the hunt and held some of the eggs we collected.  When we got home, Allie checked out her loot.  She cracked open each egg.  She liked throwing the eggs the best.

Allie found stickers, toys, and candy inside of the eggs.  While I wasn't looking Allie grabbed a chocolate egg.  I don't think the Easter Bunny will be leaving any of these in Allie's Easter basket.

"I know I'm not supposed to have this...maybe no one will see me."

Today there was an Easter egg hunt at a SUPER COOL park in our city. The Easter Bunny was even there too!  The weather was perfect for an egg hunt and a visit to the park to play. Allie collected a few eggs and liked putting them in her Easter bag. The eggs were filled with fun candy!   Todd and I scattered the eggs around Allie off to the side because there were SOOOO many kids there.  She did a GREAT job collecting her eggs.

Easter egg hunt at the Melrose Common

Allie's friend Conor joined in on the fun too.  He enjoyed watching Allie pick up the eggs rather than picking them up himself.  Allie was nice enough to sit still for a picture of her and friend.

This park is amazing!!!   I WISH there was a park like this in Michigan.  There is a huge open area with tons of toys for the littles to play on.  I guess people just bring there toys and leave them there.  Allie had a ball playing with all the push and ride-on toys.   I just wish we would have found out about this park sooner.