Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is Bananas

Allie HATES bananas.  I've tried to give them to her for the past nine months.  When we first started solids at 6 months, I gave her a banana here and there.  She would lick it and that was about it.  When she started actually chewing and eating real food, she wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with a banana.  No matter how I sliced them, diced them, with or without a peel...bananas would be tossed aside without even a nibble.  After a while, I stopped trying.  I just knew the poor banana would be wasted.

Well then, what in the world is going on here????

I was sitting and eating my breakfast as Allie ate hers.  Then Allie began pointed at my breakfast...yogurt and bananas.  I asked her if she wanted banana.  She nodded yes.  So I gave her a chunk and she went to town.  I couldn't believe my eyes...only after 100 and some times of trying to get her to eat banana, it finally happened.  Yeah!

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