Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fancy Beads

When Grandma and Grandpa are in town...we are usually at their house on Sunday for dinner.  Grandma is a very good cook and we love to visit her right around dinner time.  Today, Allie stayed in her pajamas all.  But that doesn't mean she can't look fashionable and accessorize her fleece monkey pajamas.  Allie LOVES bead necklaces and will cry whenever someone tries to take them off.  Only she can take them on and off, on and off, on and off.

Whenever Allie hears the dishwasher open at home, she makes a bee line for it as fast as her little feet will carry her.  Usually I try to open the dishwasher, put the dishes in and then close it up as fast as possible before her little fingers pull out as many spoons and forks as she can grab.  Today Allie was helping Grandma load up the dishwasher, even her her fancy beads on.  What a good little helper.

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