Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adele's Birthday Party

Allie attended her first ever birthday party for her buddy, Adele, in Boston.  Allie was so happy we were going to be in town to celebrate.  Adele was born exactly four months after Allie.  Adele's mommy did a SUPER job on the party.  Everything was cute, amazing, and adorable...just like Adele.

Todd has been bugging me for weeks to buy Allie one of these chairs.  Lately she wants to sit on everything.  At home we have THREE kid-sized rocking chairs from mine and Todd's childhood.  But, Todd is insistent that we buy her a nice SOFT one.  I think after today he is even more adamant about getting her one.  Look how nicely Allie sat while she watched Adele eat her cake.  Maybe she was thinking, "Ohhhh....that is what I was supposed to do at my birthday party!"  Allie wanted no part of her cake on her birthday. 

Allie, Mommy and Daddy watching Adele eat her cake.

Allie had such a fun time playing at the party.  She likes to push ANYTHING around and happen to come across one of Adele's birthday presents that struck her eye.  Allie gave it a few spins around the place just to make sure Adele would like it before she opened it.  That face tells it all...this gift is a keeper!

Time for some group photos...I wonder who suggested that?  ME!  (of course).  Here is Allie and I with our Boston friends...Lan & Adele, Karen & Tony, Lindsay & Conor, Alison & Anja.  We are so lucky to find such great friends here.

Babes and their mommies.

Tony, Adele, Allie, Conor & Anja

Allie was very well behaved at Adele's birthday party.  We all had a good time and are so thankful we could make it (just barely too...only 16 hours before).  Allie enjoyed her goldfish crackers and animal cookies.  And she of course loves hanging with her friends.

Awww, we have to leave?

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  1. haha, LOVE this!!!! :) So glad you guys were in town!!