Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 Months Old

Todd and I are amazed at all the things Allie is learning. Allie learned how to sign please,
all done, book, eat, and consistently waved hello and good-bye. She learned how to nod yes
and no too. Allie could communicate her wants and needs well. Allie really began to understand
what Todd and I asked her do. She could follow simple directions…like getting a new diaper to
put on or cleaning up her toys. Allie was also a great helper by getter her coat when it was time to go or hanging it up when we came home. Allie also learned how to climb the steps. Once she was
allowed the first time, there was no stopping her. She wanted to climb all the time. Allie ate shrimp for the first time and also ice cream. She LOVED the ice cream…just like her mom. Allie went to day care 4 days a week this month because Grandma went on vacation to FL.

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