Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adele's Birthday Party

Allie attended her first ever birthday party for her buddy, Adele, in Boston.  Allie was so happy we were going to be in town to celebrate.  Adele was born exactly four months after Allie.  Adele's mommy did a SUPER job on the party.  Everything was cute, amazing, and adorable...just like Adele.

Todd has been bugging me for weeks to buy Allie one of these chairs.  Lately she wants to sit on everything.  At home we have THREE kid-sized rocking chairs from mine and Todd's childhood.  But, Todd is insistent that we buy her a nice SOFT one.  I think after today he is even more adamant about getting her one.  Look how nicely Allie sat while she watched Adele eat her cake.  Maybe she was thinking, "Ohhhh....that is what I was supposed to do at my birthday party!"  Allie wanted no part of her cake on her birthday. 

Allie, Mommy and Daddy watching Adele eat her cake.

Allie had such a fun time playing at the party.  She likes to push ANYTHING around and happen to come across one of Adele's birthday presents that struck her eye.  Allie gave it a few spins around the place just to make sure Adele would like it before she opened it.  That face tells it all...this gift is a keeper!

Time for some group photos...I wonder who suggested that?  ME!  (of course).  Here is Allie and I with our Boston friends...Lan & Adele, Karen & Tony, Lindsay & Conor, Alison & Anja.  We are so lucky to find such great friends here.

Babes and their mommies.

Tony, Adele, Allie, Conor & Anja

Allie was very well behaved at Adele's birthday party.  We all had a good time and are so thankful we could make it (just barely too...only 16 hours before).  Allie enjoyed her goldfish crackers and animal cookies.  And she of course loves hanging with her friends.

Awww, we have to leave?

Delayed Delta

Whoo-hoo!  Spring Break!  Allie and I were so excited when 3:30 rolled around on Friday afternoon.  We were headed to the airport to fly to Boston for a whole a week!  I was really looking forward to spending week with Todd, hanging out with my Boston friends, and doing whatever I wanted for the week with Allie.  I was not, however looking forward to our flight.  I haven't flown with Allie since December when she wasn't yet walking.  Now, she IS walking and I was afraid of how she would behave.  I came prepared with snacks and toys and ready to do this.  I was not prepared for the phone call I received on the way to the airport telling me that my flight was delayed by an hour and 15 minutes.  I have to tell you...I a little mad.  Having a delay with a one year old is not convenient in any way.  I had this all planned out.  We would leave at 5:30, get there at 7:30, Allie would be in bed by 8:00ish.  PERFECT!

We went through security just fine.  They didn't even test the FOUR cups of milk I had with me (we had some extra in the fridge that was going to expire).  I do have to gripe for a minute about the setup of security at the Delta terminal.  Why in the world is the family/stroller line on one side, yet they put the elevator on the complete opposite side.  This seems really dumb to me and I think about it EVERY time I go through security in Detroit.  At least they still have the family that I totally appreciate...I never have to wait in the huge security line like everyone else because Allie is my one way ticket to the front. Boston got rid of their family line...BOO!

As we were walking to the gate we thought we were going to fly from, I got ANOTHER call saying my flight was delayed until 8:45...NOOOOOO!!!!!  This can't be happening.  I got put on standby for the 8:00 flight, along with the other 19 people that had the same idea as I did.  That flight took off only 20 minutes late...they were still able to make their "on-time arrival" I'm sure.  One standby person got on.  My question is why didn't they take the pilot from that flight and put him on our flight.  The answer: because Delta still wanted to have an on-time arrival for their stats for that flight.  My flight was already lost. 

Yet again my flight was delayed for the third time.  We were now scheduled to take off at 9:45.  During our wait, Allie was very well behaved.  We ate the dinner I packed at the food court area.  At the gate I blocked her in with the stroller and my bags.  She had a small area to play in.  A brown paper bag, her sippy cups, and my cell phone kept her busy for over an hour.  There was also a perfect little ledge for her sit on which she LOVED.  Todd had told me to just go home and get a new flight for tomorrow...but I was already at the point of no return.  I was determined to just get there, and get there tonight.  My cell phone had also died at this point.  I told Todd to watch the online tracker and just show up at our usual meeting spot...hopefully I would see him soon.

We finally boarded at 9:15ish and I was really hoping that we would take off sooner than 9:45.  Well...9:45 passed, then 10:00 passed...and then 10:15 passed...UHHHH!  What is going on?!?!?!?  I just kept thinking, "This is a bad dream.  This is not really happening."  But, it was not a dream.  We were waiting on a new pilot because the pilot we were supposed to have flew too many hours due to all of the delays.  Our new pilot was called in and probably had to get dressed, maybe shower, shave and who knows what else.  I'm sure he wasn't speeding all the way to the airport to get our flight out any faster. 

We FINALLY took off at 10:40ish and Allie was beyond tired.  Almost 3 hours past her bedtime, she was whiny and cranky and ready for her crib.  She didn't want to sleep on me and wasn't about to fall asleep in the bright light that the little old lady sitting next to us turned on so she could read her book.  I politely asked her to do everyone on flight 1622 a favor and turn out the light so my screaming child could get some shut eye.

Allie fell in and out of sleep luckily while I was paralyzed, afraid to move a muscle.  We landed at 12:15 am and deplaned, but had to wait for my stroller to be brought up (of course...let's wait some more).  I had to set Allie down while I struggled to take the stroller out of the bag and set it up.  She just stood there and sad, overtired, little angel...while everyone just walked by.  I did have a couple nice people ask if I needed help.  I politely declined.  What were they going to do, pick up Allie and comfort thank you.

When I saw Todd, I pretty much broke down.  I told him to quit.  I said I'm never flying again.  I hate Delta.  This was the most AWFUL experience I've had with Delta EVER!  Please, please, please....get transferred back soon.  I'm not sure how much more I can take of this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fancy Beads

When Grandma and Grandpa are in town...we are usually at their house on Sunday for dinner.  Grandma is a very good cook and we love to visit her right around dinner time.  Today, Allie stayed in her pajamas all.  But that doesn't mean she can't look fashionable and accessorize her fleece monkey pajamas.  Allie LOVES bead necklaces and will cry whenever someone tries to take them off.  Only she can take them on and off, on and off, on and off.

Whenever Allie hears the dishwasher open at home, she makes a bee line for it as fast as her little feet will carry her.  Usually I try to open the dishwasher, put the dishes in and then close it up as fast as possible before her little fingers pull out as many spoons and forks as she can grab.  Today Allie was helping Grandma load up the dishwasher, even her her fancy beads on.  What a good little helper.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Wee Little Leprechaun

This St. Patrick's Day a wee little leprechaun came to visit us.  This little leprechaun came with ANOTHER ear infection too.  Three ear infections in three months.  Uhhh!  After a trip to the doctor, Allie was feeling much better.  She LOVED her shamrock necklace...she took it off and put it back on ALL day.  There was no fun green beverages for Todd or I this year...but we had some great quality family time together.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Splish, Splash I Was Taking a Bath!

Todd and I moved into our house in May of 2006.  I absolutely LOVE our house.  I LOVE the layout and I especially LOVE the way I've decorated and organized it.  The upstairs level of our house took a bit of a back seat when it came to painting and decorating.  We have four bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms.  We bought new furniture for the master bedroom when we moved in, but we never got around to painting the walls to our room and our master bath. 

One room upstairs I purposely left completely EMPTY.  This room had nothing in the room or the closets.  When we put in window treatments throughout our house, I purposely put room darkening shades in this room.  This room was destined to be a baby's room...when the time came. 

About 2 months before Allie was born, I decorated her room.  I hired someone to do the painting (along with our bedroom and bathroom walls...finally), but the rest I did...7 months pregnant!  I would have loved to have taken my time with her room.  However, spending the summer in Boston and having an upcoming baby shower at our house didn't really allow for some leisurely decorating.  Allie's bathroom was never completed....until recently.  I FINALLY got my act together.  I conned Todd into helping me paint the walls during one of Allie's naps and my dad hung up all the towel bars for me (thanks boys). 

I had a really hard time thinking of what art I was going to hang on the walls. came to me.  Aren't these the CUTEST ever!!!

Thanks Denise for taking such ADORABLE pics of our Allie girl in your most magnificent tub.  Her little swimmers cap was the finishing touch.  I LOVE these photos and they look even better when printed on a canvas for display.  I was so excited when these arrived on our doorstep.  This weekend I finally took the time to hang them up.  Do you LOVE them?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dinner Disaster

What was supposed to be a nice Saturday family dinner out, turned out to be much different than expected.  All of Allie's grandparents joined us for dinner at Famous Daves.  When we arrived there was a 30 minute wait (strike 1).  The weather was SOOO nice, I took Allie outside to walk around while we waited for our table.  I thought it was a great idea for her to get her wiggles out before we sat down to eat...until she took a tumble and her face hit the pavement (strike 2).  She cried for about a minute and then was fine.  However, her face told a different story.  She had scraped her forehead and her nose.  This was Allie's first real injury.  When we finally got called  to be seated, they miscounted the number of people  we had and we were seated at a 4 person booth.  That would have been fine with Allie on the end.  But we had 5 adults so I volunteered to sit on the end with Allie.   I didn't really want to wait LONGER for another table, so we just dealt with it.  (strike 3). 

Allie was not having dinner.  She didn't want any part of sitting in the high chair.  She had no interest in eating.  Todd and I basically took turns holding her while we tried to eat.  Eventually, we both became too stressed and just decided to leave.  We packed up our food and left the grandparents to finish their meal. 

She used to be so well behaved in resturants...what happened?  Todd and I gave Allie a stearn "talking to" when we left and again when we got home.  I'm not sure how much she really understood that her behavior was unacceptable.  We made her apologize to everyone.  I refuse to be a parent that just stops taking their child out to eat.  If I stop taking her, then she will NEVER have any experience in resturants and won't know how to behave when we do go out to eat. 

I'm hoping this is just a phase...and very SHORT phase that will pass.  QUICKLY! 

Allie's first injury

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is Bananas

Allie HATES bananas.  I've tried to give them to her for the past nine months.  When we first started solids at 6 months, I gave her a banana here and there.  She would lick it and that was about it.  When she started actually chewing and eating real food, she wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with a banana.  No matter how I sliced them, diced them, with or without a peel...bananas would be tossed aside without even a nibble.  After a while, I stopped trying.  I just knew the poor banana would be wasted.

Well then, what in the world is going on here????

I was sitting and eating my breakfast as Allie ate hers.  Then Allie began pointed at my breakfast...yogurt and bananas.  I asked her if she wanted banana.  She nodded yes.  So I gave her a chunk and she went to town.  I couldn't believe my eyes...only after 100 and some times of trying to get her to eat banana, it finally happened.  Yeah!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 Months Old

Todd and I are amazed at all the things Allie is learning. Allie learned how to sign please,
all done, book, eat, and consistently waved hello and good-bye. She learned how to nod yes
and no too. Allie could communicate her wants and needs well. Allie really began to understand
what Todd and I asked her do. She could follow simple directions…like getting a new diaper to
put on or cleaning up her toys. Allie was also a great helper by getter her coat when it was time to go or hanging it up when we came home. Allie also learned how to climb the steps. Once she was
allowed the first time, there was no stopping her. She wanted to climb all the time. Allie ate shrimp for the first time and also ice cream. She LOVED the ice cream…just like her mom. Allie went to day care 4 days a week this month because Grandma went on vacation to FL.