Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mommy's Sweetheart

Happy V-Allie-tine's Day! Allie was dressed for her fun day of hearts, love and smooches from her momma. 

Allie enjoyed looking at her Valentine's day cards from her Grandma and Grandpa...and Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe.  Allie's says thank you for the LOVE MONEY!  She can't wait to buy herself something new.

Allie brought home an art project she made at day care.   Her heart went right up on the refrigerator with the rest of her art projects she has brought home.  She's so creative!

Allie also brought home some special Valentines from her day care friends.  She loved looking at her cards and treats. She carried them around the house before dinner and told me all about them...I think.  Thanks Lynnie, Debbie and Ilene for making Valentine's day fun for Allie.

After dinner, Allie enjoyed a yummy valentine's rice krispy treat that I made.  They were made with pink marshmallows and topped off with pink and white hearts...the perfect ending to Allie's LOVE-ly day.  She yummed it up!  Allie loved her special Valentine's  treat.

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