Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Says You Can't Eat Noodles With Your Hands?

Allie FINALLY got her appetite back....thank goodness.  She is feeling MUCH better and back to her scrunchy-nose, smiling, self.  Tonight I pulled out my leftovers from Samurai Steakhouse (my dad took us over the weekend...GO DAD!)  Allie liked my meal much better today than she did on Saturday.  I had no intention on giving her any, but thought, "Might as well."  I thought it would be like every other time I give her something that she previously tossed off her tray.  I figured she would hand it back to me.  She did, but then I told her to eat...and she did...WHOO-HOO!  She could use to gain a few pounds.

Allie slurped up every noodle I placed on her tray.  It was a bit tricky at times...but she managed.  Deeeeelicious!

Allie in action with her noodles...

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