Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proud Momma

Allie has come such a long way in her first year of life.  We've watched her go from a little bump on a a babbling, explorer of the world around her.  Allie's had so many accomplishments this first year.  I'm amazed and very proud of all that she has learned thus far, but I'm also a bit sad to think about all the firsts that are long gone and in the past.  I know this is just the beginning and there will be MANY more firsts (she IS only a year old!) 

Looking back, I'd have to say the most exciting first had to be when she slept through the night (and continued to do so) at 13 weeks old.  Thank goodness...because I had to go back to work!  Sleep deprivation was one of the hardest things I've lived through.  It's worse than labor!

Whenever she plays with her toy phones, she will put it up to her ear and say something in her Allie language.  I wonder where she learned that from???  She now likes to do this with her other toys as well...all the things that are not phones.  At dinner today, she put her spoon that was full of hummus up to her ear...and in her hair too.  Every now and then she'll get a hold of my phone.  I often hear the speed dial go off and I bolt across the room because Allie called one of my contacts.  Just the other day she left a comment on facebook for me.  It went something like this...#$$$%@.  Not sure what she was trying to say.  I'm sure it was something very appropriate though.

Another cute thing that happened yesterday...I gave the brush to her to hold while I dressed her for bed.  Immediately she put it up to her hair and began brushing (or tried to). sweet!

Lately the new thing is the pointing.  From the moment she wakes in the morning until she goes to bed, Allie is pointing and yelling about something.  About 25% of the time I can figure out what she is saying and what she wants.  Usually it's my laptop, or my Blackberry, or the remote for the TV.  However, the other 75% I have not a clue...and she gets so frustrated with me.  Me no speak Allie.  She will point at the computer and say "Dada."  It's hilarious to think that she makes the connection that her dad is in the computer.

Out of all these new and exciting moments, the one I'm most excited about is this...

Allie eats pretty well.  She will most likely try a new food if it's on her terms.  She has to be the one to put it in her mouth.  If she doesn't want it, she will do one of two things...turn her head away from me (I guess she thinks it will go away if she's not looking at it), or she will take if from me and then drop it on the floor.  Why does she do that?  Can't she just put it down nicely on her tray, or just say "no thank you."  When she's done eating, she'll clear her tray by throwing all of the food she doesn't want onto the floor.  She's already got a pretty good arm.  She's chucked blueberries across the kitchen and into the laundry room before.  She's gotten pretty good at the "wind shield wiper" move, as we call it.  She will take her arm and sweep it across her tray and everything on it, sippy cup and all, will end up on the floor.

This is so frustrating.  Feeding Allie takes forever, between getting her dinner ready, making her bottles for the next day, packing my lunch, getting something together for dinner for me (which is usually her leftovers), bending down and picking up whatever she drops twenty million times, and cleaning up her and the floor afterwards...the night is pretty much over. However, until now. 

Allie is soooooo proud of herself and so is her momma!

Todd and I have been teaching Allie to put the food she doesn't want into the cup holder on her tray.  Most days she will do it.  Of course every time she does we immediately clap and say "YEAH!"  In the midst of making my lunch and tomorrow's bottles, I come back to find all her grape peels and rejected blueberries in the cup holder.  It's all about the little moments that make you the proudest.  Way to go, Allie!

However, now she is realizing that her sippy cup fits into the cup holder.  This might cause a slight problem...hmmmmm....

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