Sunday, January 1, 2012

13 Months Old

Santa really knew what Allie wanted for Christmas this year.  He left her a set of Sticky Bellies for her second year.  What fun we'll have photographing her for the next 12 months.  Check out how fun the new Bellies girly!  We'll have no problem finding the perfect outfit for each month.

It's getting more and more difficult to photograph Allie.  She is on the move at all times.  I'm lucky I got this one good shot for her baby book.

This month Allie and I traveled to Boston to stay with Todd the first week of winter break.  Then the whole family came back to MI to celebrate Christmas.  Allie learned how to walk this month.  She toddled around the house and played with all her new toys she received for Christmas.  Allie started to drink whole milk after her one-year checkup.  Allie's pediatrician wanted her to gain some weight...she's a peanut.  It took a couple weeks for Allie to get used to the milk, but she eventually adjusted to drinking it from her sippy cups.  Allie learned what a phone was used for. She would hold it up to her ear and pretend to talk.  Allie graduated from her infant car seat to her toddler car seat.  Getting to be such a big girl!

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